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A dedicated services offer for your installed base

Consultancy services

M2C (Maintenance and Modernization Consultancy) Professional tools and methods, proven experience of managing obsolescence and updating installed bases, to reduce downtimes and improve performance With our maintenance and modernization consultancy offer, Schneider Electric will help you check the state of your installed base by: b Defining the scope and depth of the analysis in collaboration with you b Collecting the technical data without shutting down production b Analyzing and identifying avenues for improvement b Producing a recommendation plan Customer benefits: b Learning about the components that make up the installed base and how up-to-date they are b Better downtime anticipation b Expert advice designed to improve performance

Modernization solutions

Migration to PlantStruxure Proven expertise, tools and methods to give you a clear vision of the improvement opportunities and guide you toward a successful modernization project To find out more about PlantStruxure architectures, please visit our website www.schneider-electric.com/PlantStruxure Schneider Electric offers a gradual program of modernization through a series of products, tools and services that allow you to upgrade to newer technology. There are several stages in this gradual modernization program: b Partial program: replacement of an old component with a new one b Staggered program: gradual incorporation of new offers in the system b Total program: total renovation of the system The table below lists our various migration offers: Wide range of migration offers

Solution Change the CPU Keep the I/O racks & wiring Change the I/O racks & keep the wiring Migrate your application Manage your project Execute your project Platform (1) TSX47 to TSX107 April series 1000 Modicon p 84, Compact April SMC Merlin Gerin PB AEG Symax Rockwell SLC500 Service available (1) Our migration service offer also includes SCADA, Human Machine Interfaces, drives, communication networks and distributed I/O.

Customization services

Schneider Electric is able to meet your specific requirements and provide you with adapted products: b Protective coating for Human Machine Interfaces, automation platforms and distributed I/O modules for use in harsh environments b Customized cable lengths to match your specific needs b Customized front panels for Human Machine Interfaces

Note : To check availability of services required, please contact our Customer Care Centre.

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