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1/15 Presentation (continued) Modicon M580 automation platform Unity Pro Design and setup of Modicon M580 applications Unity Pro programming software u V8.0 is required to set up the Modicon M580 standalone automation platform. For the Modicon M580 Hot Standby system, Unity Pro u V11.0 is required. The Unity Pro function block software libraries make it possible to meet the needs of specialist applications in various fields of application, such as: b Water and Waste Water (WWW) b Food & Beverage (F&B) b Mining, Minerals, Metals (MMM) b Oil & Gas (O&G) To set up Modicon M580 automation platform processors, you need Unity Pro Large or Extra Large programming software identical to the one used to set up Modicon M340, Modicon Premium, and Modicon Quantum automation platforms. Unity Pro V8.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2008. Depending on requirements, you may also need: b Unity EFB toolkit software for developing EF and EFB libraries in C language b Unity SFC View software for viewing and diagnostics of applications written in Sequential Function Chart (SFC) or Grafcet language b Graphical Unity DIF matching software for comparing two applications configured with Unity Pro b Unity Loader software for updating Unity Pro projects and device firmware The function block software libraries provide Modicon M580 processors with the processing capability required to meet the needs of specialist applications in the following area: b Process control via programmable control loops (EF and EFB libraries) This software also offers the following features: b References b Implicit type conversion, IEC 61131-3 proposition b Security Editor on server b Improved log file b A trending tool that is synchronized on each PLC scan b DFB providing information on users logged on to the PLC b Data file (dtx) backup with application backup (sta/stu or zef) b Password protection for the application running on the PLC b Macro function Note: For further information, please consult the "PlantStruxure Unity and OPC software" catalog available on our website Treatment for harsh environments If the Modicon M580 automation platform needs to be used in a harsh environment, the ruggedized offer provides processors, power supply modules, and I/O modules on X-bus and racks with a protective coating applied to their electronic cards (see page 4/2). This treatment improves the cards insulation qualities and their resistance to: b Condensation b Dusty atmospheres (conducting foreign particles) b Chemical corrosion, in particular when used in sulfurous atmospheres (oil refinery, purification plant, etc.) or atmospheres containing halogens (chlorine, etc.) This protection, combined with appropriate installation and maintenance, enables Modicon M580 products to be used in harsh chemical environments such as types 3C2 and 3C3 as described in standard IEC/EN 60721-3-3. The functional and electrical characteristics of the coated modules are identical to those of the non-coated versions. With coated modules, the Modicon M580 automation platform may be used in harsh environments or within a range of operating temperatures from -25 C to +70 C/ -13 F to +158 F . Some Modicon M580 modules are also ATEX-certified. 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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