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2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1/16 Compatibility Modicon X80 I/O platform Product compatibility according to network architecture Compatible Not compatible Product type X80 module reference Short description of X80 module M340 M580 Local rack with CPU Standalone HSBY X-bus rack BMXXBP pppp X-bus + Ethernet rack BMEXBP pppp X-bus rack BMXXBP pppp X-bus + Ethernet rack BMEXBP pppp Power Supplies BMXCPS2000 Power supply BMXCPS2010 Power supply BMXCPS3020 (H) Power supply BMXCPS3500 (H) Power supply BMXCPS3540 (T) Power supply BMXCPS4002 (H) Redundant power supply I/O BMXAMI0410 (H) Analog I/O BMXAMI0800 Analog I/O BMXAMI0810 (H) Analog I/O BMXAMM0600 (H) Analog I/O BMXAMO0210 (H) Analog I/O BMXAMO0410 (H) Analog I/O BMXAMO0802 Analog I/O BMXART0414 (H) Analog I/O BMXART0814 (H) Analog I/O BMXDAI0805 Discrete I/O BMXDAI1602 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDAI1603 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDAI1604 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDAI0814 Discrete I/O BMXDAO1605 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDDI1602 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDDI1603 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDDI1604 (T) Discrete I/O BMXDDI3202K Discrete I/O BMXDDI6402K Discrete I/O BMXDDM16022 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDDM16025 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDDM3202K Discrete I/O BMXDDO1602 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDDO1612 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDDO3202K Discrete I/O BMXDDO6402K Discrete I/O BMXDRA0804 (T) Discrete I/O BMXDRA0805 (H) Discrete I/O BMXDRA1605 (H) Discrete I/O BMEAHI0812 HART I/O BMEAHO0412 HART I/O

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