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2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1/21 Modicon M580 platform for Unity Pro software offer BMEH5820 model Racks Remote I/O drop of 2 racks 8 I/O Maximum number of discrete local I/O channels (1) Maximum number of analog local I/O channels (1) Maximum number of Ethernet DIO devices scanned by CPU 61 Integrated communication ports Ethernet service port (RJ45) 1 port for DIO devices, Unity, CNM, HMI, SCADA, diagnosis & external tools Ethernet device network dual ports (RJ45) 2 ports support both RIO and DIO scanner USB port 1 programming port (PC terminal) Communication modules (1) Ethernet network Maximum number 2 Type of module BMENOC03 p 1 network modules with 1 EtherNet/IP channel or Modbus TCP communication protocol AS-Interface Maximum number 8 Type of module BMXEIA0100 master module Internal memory capacity Program (MB) 8 Data (KB) 768 Configurable HSBY transfer data (KB) 768 Data storage (GB) 4 Application structure Master task 1 processing mode (periodic) Fast task 1 processing mode (periodic) Auxiliary tasks (AUX 0, AUX 1) Event tasks I/O event Timer event Total I/O and Timer event No. of K instructions executed per ms 100% Boolean (Kinstr/ms) 10 65% Boolean + 35% fixed arithmetic (Kinstr/ms) 7.5 Product compatibility with Quantum Support of Ethernet remote I/O LL984 Editor Rack power supply 24 V c isolated, 2448 V c isolated, or 100240 V a power supply module Modicon M580 processor BMEH582040 (1) No local I/O is supported in Hot Standby architecture. (2) Data and program share a maximum of 64 MB memory capacity. 4 MB configurable retained data can be saved upon power cycle, and up to 4 MB of Hot Standby data can be selected by the user. Selection guide (continued) Modicon M580 automation platform Modicon M580 redundant processors 1/21 1/22

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