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1/24 Presentation Modicon M580 automation platform Processor modules Modicon M580 configuration Presentation Modicon M580 BMEP58 modular processors form the core of a complete control solution based on Modicon M580 specific and compatible modules and racks. These standalone processors physically occupy 2 module slots (0 and 1) on a backplane. Modicon M580 BMEH58 redundant modular processors form the core of the Hot Standby architectures for more demanding applications, to provide overall higher availability (1) . The processors can manage the Modicon X80 I/O platform in a single-rack or multi-rack Ethernet PAC station. Their slots can be equipped with: b Discrete I/O modules b Analog I/O modules b Counter modules b Communication modules: Ethernet Modbus/TCP network, EtherNet/IP network, Modbus serial link, AS-Interface actuator/sensor buses and RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) serial link b Expert modules The M580 processor range offers the choice of 6 memory levels: b 4 MB for BMEP581020 processor b 8 MB for BMEP5820 pp and BMEH582040 processors b 12 MB for BMEP5830 pp processors b 16 MB for BMEP5840 pp and BMEH584040 processors b 24 MB for BMEP585040 processor b 64 MB for BMEP586040 and BMEH586040 processors An optional 4 GB SD memory card is supplied with M580 processors for application and data storage. Each processor has a USB terminal port for connecting to a programming terminal. A temporary connection to an HMI is possible via the USB port (2) . In addition, depending on the model, these processors offer the following (non- cumulative) maximums on their local racks: b Up to 6,144 discrete I/O b Up to 1,536 analog I/O b Up to 216 application-specific channels (3) (process counter, motion control, and serial link or RTU) b 1 Ethernet service port b 2 Ethernet device network ports v DIO ports (distributed equipment) for all processors v RIO ports (remote equipment) for BMEP58 pp 40/BMEH58 pp 40 processors b 4 extended master AS-Interface V3 actuator/sensor buses, profile M4.0 Applications can be downloaded to the M580 processor when Unity is connected either via a local communication module, or directly to the processor through USB or Ethernet, or to the Ethernet ports of BMECRA31210 Ethernet drop adapters and ConneXium DRS (Dual Ring Switch) switches. (1) The application in a standalone processor can be migrated into a redundant processor as easy as one click in Unity Pro. (2) Please refer to the HMI catalogs on (3) By using remote drops, those limits can be extended to the maximum configuration managed by one M580 station. 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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