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1/26 Description (continued) Modicon M580 automation platform Redundant processor modules Description of BMEH58 pppp processors BMEH58 pppp processors include: 1 Display block comprising 13 LEDs whose varying combinations provide a quick diagnostic status of the processor: b RUN LED (green): processor in operation (program execution) b ERR LED (red): processor or system detected error b I/O LED (red): detected I/O module error b DL LED (green): firmware download in progress b REMOTE RUN (green): indicates the RUN status of the remote processor b BACKUP LED (red): backup memory (internal or card) b ETH MS LED (bi-color green/red): indicates the Ethernet port configuration status b ETH NS LED (bi-color green/red): indicates the Ethernet connection status b A (green): indicates the local CPU A/B/Clear rotary switch is set to A b B (green): indicates the local CPU A/B/Clear rotary switch is set to B b PRIM (green): indicates the primary status of the processor b STBY (green): indicates the standby status of the processor b FORCED I/O (red): I/O status forced by the processor 2 Mini-B USB port for connecting to a programming terminal 3 RJ45 Ethernet port that allows diagnosis of Ethernet ports and provides access to external tools, devices, and distributed I/O devices 5 Slot equipped with an optional SD memory card for application and data storage (an LED, located behind the door, indicates access to the memory card; the door can be locked to prevent theft of the SD card) 6 Printed serial number, product version, and MAC address on the front panel of the processor 7 2 hooks and 2 screws for mechanical attachment and grounding connection to backplane 8 2 connectors for electrical connection to an M580 backplane (X-bus only or Ethernet backplane) 9 Slot for SFP socket supporting copper or fiber-optic Hot Standby link connection 10 Hot Standby communication link cable (copper or fiber optic depending on SFP socket type) 11 LED indicating the Hot Standby link status Description of BMEH58 pp 40 processors 4 BMEH58 pp 40 processors have dual RJ45 Ethernet ports for connection to the remote I/O drops (EIO) and distributed equipment. USB terminal port The USB port 2 , offering a useful data rate of 480 Mbps, is compatible with Unity Pro programming software, OPC Factory Server (OFS), and Magelis HMI terminals (1) . BMEH58 processors can be connected to a USB bus comprising several peripheral devices. However: b Only one processor can be connected to the USB bus b No device on the USB bus can be controlled by the PLC (modem, printer) SFP sockets SFP sockets are used to choose the medium of the Hot Standby link. The 2 types each have a unique reference. Transmission between the primary CPU and the redundant CPU can be either: b Copper if the 490NAC0100 SFP socket is used b Fiber optic if the 490NAC0201 SFP socket is used Ethernet backplanes The new range of Ethernet backplanes feature embedded Ethernet and X-bus connectivity. With 4, 8, and 12 slots for standard power supply or 6 and 10 slots for redundant power supply, these 2 connectors allow the existing M580/X80 modules to be incorporated into an M580 architecture (see page 3/10). (1) Please refer to the HMI catalogs on BMEH58 pp 40 1 2 3 4 9 11 5 6 7 8 BMEH58 pp 40 10 490NAC0100 490NAC0201 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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