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1/27 Memory structure Modicon M580 automation platform Processor modules Write-protect switch Program Data Application program %MW backup Saved data Persistent memory M580 processor Internal application RAM Modicon M580 application storage Optional memory card Memory structure Internal memory capacity The internal application RAM of Modicon M580 processors stores and executes the application program. This RAM has no battery backup, which means data could be lost in the event of a power outage. To avoid data loss, the application can be backed up in the persistent memory. The internal memory provides a maximum capacity of 64 MB for program and data, and 4 GB for data storage. The internal persistent memory is used by the firmware to register: b the value of application variables b the system state b application backup b a copy of %MW values An optional memory card, BMXRMS004GPF , is used for application backup and data storage. It is formatted by Schneider Electric. BMXRMS004GPF SD memory card Modicon M580 processors support an optional 4 GB memory card BMXRMS004GPF . The SD memory card is of ''industrial grade'' and formatted for use with Modicon M580 only. The Modicon M580 does not support memory cards from Modicon M340. This card withstands operating temperatures of -40 to +85 C/ -40 to +185 F and has 10 years of file retention capacity. Unity Pro programming software helps the application designer manage the structure and memory space of the Modicon M580 automation platform. Protecting the application If necessary, it is possible to limit access to the application (in terms of reading and modifying the program) by only loading the executable code in the PLC. Additionally, a memory protection bit, set in configuration mode, is also available to help prevent any program modification (via the programming terminal or downloading). The user has function blocks for protecting know-how by means of a signature that can be loaded and stored in the M580 processor modules Flash memory card (code not executed if the signature is not present). Modifying the program in online mode As with the Modicon Premium and Quantum platforms (with Unity Pro software), the online program modification function is available on the Modicon M580 automation platform. It has the option of adding or modifying the program code and data in different places in the application in a single modification session (thus helping to ensure that modification is homogenous and consistent with the controlled process). A dedicated memory area of the application internal RAM authorizes these program modification or addition sessions while complying with the recommendation to structure the application program in several, reasonably-sized sections. The CCOTF (Change Configuration On The Fly) function is used to add or remove discrete or analog I/O modules to/from a Modicon M580 CPU in a local or remote I/O drop in RUN mode. It enables Ethernet RIO drops to be added in RUN mode. The addition of a complete M580 Ethernet RIO drop in RUN mode requires Unity Pro V8.0 or higher on standalone processors and Unity Pro V11.0 or higher on redundant processors. The CCOTF function avoids interrupting processes and helps to reduce production costs. It also enables the configuration parameters of pre-existing and new Modicon M580 analog and discrete I/O modules to be modified online in both a local or remote I/O drop. 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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