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1/34 Presentation Modicon M580 automation platform Multi-rack configuration Presentation Modicon M580 automation platform Multi-rack configuration Ethernet racks The Modicon M580 CPU supports dual bus backplanes (Ethernet and X-bus) and all the processors support Ethernet ring or star architectures on their Ethernet port. BMXP58 pp 2 p processors support Ethernet star or ring architectures (RSTP loop is supported on ports 2 and 3). The embedded scanner allows scanning of distributed equipment. The CPU drives these devices directly (NOC embedded function). BMXP58 pp 4 p processors support an embedded scanner that allows scanning of X80 drops on Ethernet RIO (EIO) in addition to distributed equipment. M580 CPUs have an additional third Ethernet port dedicated to the connection of a service tool such as a PC, HMI, or network analyzer. This port is labeled 01 Service. It does not support RSTP. M580 CPUs can communicate on the main Ethernet backplane. The Modicon M580 CPU cannot be installed in an expansion rack. Reference Description BMEXBP0400 Standard 4-slot backplane BMEXBP0800 Standard 8-slot backplane BMEXBP1200 Standard 12-slot backplane BMEXBP0602 Dual power supply 6-slot backplane BMEXBP1002 Dual power supply 10-slot backplane BMEXBP0400H Ruggedized 4-slot backplane BMEXBP0800H Ruggedized 8-slot backplane BMEXBP1200H Ruggedized 12-slot backplane BMEXBP0602H Ruggedized dual power supply 6-slot backplane BMEXBP1002H Ruggedized dual power supply 10-slot backplane 1 4 2 4 3 1 Modicon X80 drop + expansion rack 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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