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2/10 Presentation, description (continued) Modicon M580 automation platform Remote I/O architecture Presentation The remote I/O architecture consists of remote I/O and remote functions (including ieldbus masters). This type of architecture is fully compatible with the references in the Modicon M580 automation platform and Modicon X80 I/O platform offers. The capacity of Modicon X80 I/O drops depends on the CRA Ethernet drop adapter used. A maximum of 16 RIO drops 1 can be supported in a remote I/O architecture system. The available Ethernet devices are: b Altivar Process variable speed drive 2 b Energy supervision 3 and HMI 4 b Tesys T motor protection, etc. It is possible to include DIO devices in a remote I/O architecture via the SERVICE port of the CPU or of the BMECRA31210 drop adapter 1 or via ConneXium DRSs 5 . Rack Viewer function The Rack Viewer function provides access to Ethernet RIO data via a web browser. Predefined configurations for ConneXium managed switches The use of ConneXium managed switches specifically for Modicon M580 architectures is simplified using 15 predefined configuration files. Standard remote I/O architecture This is composed of a daisy chain loop consisting of a Modicon M580 main rack and several Modicon X80 I/O drops containing an Ethernet drop adapter: b BMECRA31210 Modicon X80 performance EIO adapter, with SERVICE port b BMXCRA31210 Modicon X80 RIO Ethernet drop adapter, with SERVICE port b BMXCRA31200 Modicon X80 RIO Ethernet drop adapter, without SERVICE port Long distance remote I/O architecture Similar to the standard remote I/O architecture, this variant comprises one or more remotely located Modicon X80 I/O drops connected via integrated NRP fiber optic repeaters. There are 2 types of NRP repeater: b BMXNRP0200 : multimode fiber optic repeater (remote location up to 2 km/ 1.243 mi ) b BMXNRP0201 : single-mode fiber optic repeater (remote location up to 16 km/ 9.942 mi ) The NRP repeaters are linked to CRA drop adapters by means of Ethernet Interlink cables. High availability and expanded integration capacity The remote I/O architecture can use the embedded switching module or the external switches to expand the integration capacity. The BMENOS0300 Ethernet network option switch can be installed on a local or a remote MEXBP pppp Ethernet main rack in the Modicon M580 platform. The external ConneXium DRSs 7 (1) can be loaded with 15 predefined configurations to simplify their implementation. The use of these switches provides enhanced capacity for integrating the following devices: b RIO sub-rings b Fiber optic media for long distance remote location, etc. b Enable DIO integration to remote I/O architecture The advantages of this architecture are: b Reduced wiring costs b Deterministic data exchanges between the PLC and the EIO devices b Secondary rings can be linked to the main ring by two DRSs, which improve availability Maximum distance between each ConneXium managed switch: b 100 m/ 328.084 ft with copper (twisted pair) medium b 2 km/ 1.243 mi with multimode optical fiber medium b 16 km/ 9.942 mi with single-mode optical fiber medium (1) Supported ConneXium switches: TCSESM083F23F1, TCSESM063F2CU1, TCSESM063F2CS1. Processors: page 1/20 Ruggedized Modicon M580 modules: page 4/2 Remote I/O architecture: devices on remote I/O 1 3 5 4 2 Main rack Remote drop Remote drop Ethernet HMI 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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