Modicon M580 Plc Page 2-2 I/O architectures

2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Overview Modicon M580 automation platform Standard I/O architectures Modicon M580 type of architecture Note: These architectures can be combined with each other Architectures with local racks (main rack and expansion racks) Hardwired Distributed peripherals over fieldbuses Compact topology with devices hardwired on local I/O Compact topology with devices distributed over fieldbuses Local I/O architecture Fieldbuses integrated architecture Expanded rack (with X-bus rack expansion module) Main local rack with up to 7 local expansion racks on X-bus (Modicon Premium or Modicon X80 racks) Backplane compatibility BMEXBP pp 00 Ethernet + X-bus racks Compatible for main racks (local or remote) BMXXBP pp 00 X-bus racks PV02 (or later) Mandatory for expansion racks (main or remote) Compatible with any rack provided that no Modicon X80 I/O Ethernet modules (such as weighing, HART, and BMECRA31210 modules), are used in the racks Compatible CPU types All standalone processors are compatible (1) CPU Ethernet ports SERVICE port One SERVICE port for HMI, Unity, control network, variable speed drive, etc. Dual port Dual ports are not used RIO drops Communication AS-Interface and serial link modules Yes BMXNOR0200H RTU module Yes Ethernet modules Yes Expert functions PTO (Pulse Train Output) modules Yes Other expert modules: counter, SSI encoder, etc. Yes Time stamping 1 ms max. BMXERT1604T module integrated in the ERT module Yes 10 ms with BMECRA31210 combined with discrete I/O modules in the RIO drop Pages (1) BMEP58 pp 40 CPUs are not mandatory. (2) BMXCRA31210 modules are also compatible. 2/2 X-bus HART AS- Interface X-bus Modbus

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