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2/20 Modicon M580 Hot Standby Ethernet I/O architecture, long distance Ethernet fiber optic network Modicon X80 RIO Ethernet RIO Local HMI (2) Ethernet DIO device cloud (2) Quantum and Modicon X80 Ethernet RIO Ethernet network HSBY communication link Ethernet network Modicon M580 (Standby PLC) Modicon M580 (Primary PLC) CRA Modicon X80 RIO Types of M580 high-availability architecture (1) High-availability system The Unity high-availability system is used for more demanding applications, in terms of the availability of their control/command system, as no interruption of the process can be tolerated. This system helps to ensure global availability of the redundant CPU and Ethernet I/O devices. At the heart of this architecture are 2 PLC racks (Primary and Standby) with identical hardware configurations, based on BMEH58 pp 40 Unity redundant CPUs, connected via a high-speed (1Gbps) link (copper or fiber optic). The volume of data exchanged between the Primary and Standby PLCs can reach 4 MB depending on the CPU. The Primary PLC executes the application program and controls the I/O, while the Standby PLC remains in the background. In the event of a detected error affecting the Primary PLC, the Standby system switches over automatically, changing over execution of the application program and control of the I/O to the Standby PLC with an up-to-date data context. Once the changeover is complete, the Standby PLC becomes the Primary PLC. Once the detected error has been cleared on the other PLC and it has been reconnected to the standby system, it acts as the Standby PLC. The changeover is performed smoothly at the outputs and is completely transparent to the process. The high-availability system with Unity Pro software thus increases productivity by minimizing process downtime. High-availability system based on remote I/O architecture The high-availability system based on the remote I/O (RIO) architecture is used for sensitive processes that require an I/O control takeover time within the region of the PLC scan time. As the Ethernet RIO drops are synchronized with the PLC CPU scan time, the CPU changeover is carried out smoothly at the outputs, i.e. it is bumpless. Due to the Ethernet build-in technology of the Modicon M580 controllers, the remote I/O architecture is simple to realize. There is no need to insert an Ethernet head adapter module twice in the Primary PLC and the Standby PLC. The capacity of Modicon X80 I/O drops depends on the CRA Ethernet drop adapter used. A maximum of 31 RIO drops can be supported in a Hot Standby remote I/O architecture. Automatic switching of the IP address of these modules helps to ensure transparent addressing to SCADA, even in the event of a CPU changeover. High-availability system based on Ethernet DIO device architecture In this type of high-availability architecture without Ethernet RIO drops, the CRA Ethernet drop adapter is not required. Only one M580 Ethernet module BMENOC0301 / BMENOC0311 or BMENOS0300 (if less than 61 DIO) is required in each Primary and Standby PLC using distributed devices. The changeover from Primary to Standby processor might not be bumpless according to the type of DIO used. Please consult our Customer Care Center for more information. (1) Requires Unity Pro Extra Large software u V11.0. (2) Please refer to the relevant product catalogs on our website (3) As well as the secondary ring, an Ethernet DIO device cloud can be connected to each managed switch. Presentation Modicon M580 automation platform High-availability architectures Modicon M580 Hot Standby Ethernet I/O architecture with Ethernet DIO devices, without CRA Ethernet drop adapter HSBY communication link Modicon M580 (Primary PLC) Modicon M580 (Standby PLC) Ethernet Energy supervision Altivar Process variable speed drive ConneXium managed switch Modicon STB ConneXium managed switch (3) ConneXium managed switch (3) ConneXium managed switch (3) NRP NOC 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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