Modicon M580 Plc Page 2-21 I/O architectures

2/21 HMI Example of a complex architecture The complex architecture below illustrates the extensive possibilities of the Modicon M580 offer: b A choice between 3 BMEH58 p 040 M580 redundant CPUs 1 b Easy integration of the I/O network with supervisors in the control network, due to the BMENOC03 p 1 Ethernet module 2 b Optimized wiring with RIO and DIO control via a single medium: the DIO are controlled via the CPU b High availability of secondary rings with ConneXium managed switches 3 b Long distance optimized by the fiber optic converter 4 installed directly in the Modicon X80 rack b Simplified integration of devices via a serial link 5 (for example, power meter, variable speed drive, motor starters, protection relays, etc.); FTD/DTM technology makes it possible to configure and debug devices transparently via the Ethernet network, from any supervisor b Great flexibility due to integration of DIO devices 6 or other diagnostic/configuration tools on any drop SERVICE port or on the DIO port of a managed switch b Easy integration of Modicon X80 I/O drops on Ethernet with BMECRA31210 drop adapters 7 b The redundant power supplies are compatible with both single power supply racks for standard applications, and the dual power supply racks are compatible with high-availability applications 8 Processors: page 1/20 Ruggedized Modicon M580 modules: page 4/2 Architectures Modicon M580 automation platform High-availability architectures Example of a complex architecture 6 Modicon X80 drop Altivar Process Modicon X80 drop Telefast ABE7 Motor starter Motor protection STB I/O island Profibus remote master CANopen Profibus DP Profibus PA ConneXium managed switch 3 Ethernet 7 MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Modicon M580 (Primary PLC) Modicon X80 drop Modicon X80 drop Modicon X80 drop Altivar Process Energy supervision Supervision Motor starter Instrumentation on AS-I bus HART instrumentation AS-Interface Modicon X80 drop Modicon X80 drop Fiber optic IRIG-B/DCF77 Modicon M580 (Standby PLC) Redundant system servers Unity Pro Ethernet HSBY communication link 1 2 5 7 8 7 4 7 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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