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2/32 Presentation (1) To meet the needs of machine manufacturers and users, automation architectures have been decentralized while delivering performance close to that of centralized systems. Architectures based around islands installed as close to the machine as possible reduce the time and cost of wiring for sensors and actuators, while increasing system availability. The Modicon STB distributed I/O solution is an open, modular input/output system that makes it possible to design automation islands managed by a master controller via a bus or communication network. These islands can be used to connect: b TeSys U or TeSys T starter-controllers b Altivar variable speed drives b FTB IP 67 distributed I/O b OsiSense rotary encoders b Magelis operator dialog terminals b Approved third-party products via the CANopen bus: Bosch, Festo, Parker solenoid valves, Balluff linear encoders, etc. (1) Advantys software guides users through the design phase, start-up, and even maintenance of the system. This single software package covers the Modicon STB, OTB, FTB, and FTM ranges. The island components are electronic modules mounted on one or more DIN rails. These clusters of modules, known as segments, carry a bus from beginning to end of each island. The island bus provides power distribution, signal sensing, and power management to compatible modules, in the form of a wiring management system. The Modicon STB I/O family is divided into 2 groups of modules: b Basic modules: A complete set of low-cost modules, with simplified operating modes b Standard modules: An expanded offer of I/O modules, with additional functions: Configurable parameters, expanded operating modes The basic range comprises: b PDM power distribution modules (24 V c and 115/230 V a ) b I/O modules: v Discrete I/O (24 V c ) v Analog I/O (10-bit resolution) The standard range comprises: b NIM modules: network interfaces b PDM power distribution modules (24 V c and 115/230 V a ) b I/O modules: v Discrete I/O (24 V c and 115/230 V a ) v Analog I/O (10, 12 and 16-bit resolution) v Relay outputs (24 V c coil and 24 V c contact or 115/230 V a ) b Application module: Counter module, HART multiplexer module b Dedicated module: For TeSys U and TeSys Quickfit applications b EOS end of segment and BOS beginning of segment modules b External equipment support module on CANopen expansion module Standard and basic modules can be combined on the same island. Combining them in this way allows a wide range of functions (1) . The sensors and actuators are connected to the I/O modules via removable screw or spring-type terminals (2). Standard Modicon STB I/O modules are hot-swappable, provided the network interface modules are also standard type. Modicon STB distributed I/O islands have a protection rating of IP 20. For installations in production workshops, they must be housed in enclosures providing at least IP 54 (complying to IEC 60950 or NEMA 250) (1) . (1) For further information, please consult our "Modicon STB IP 20 distributed I/O" catalog available on our website (2) For much easier wiring and to free up space in the electrical cabinet, Modicon STB 16-channel discrete I/O modules can be combined with Modicon Telefast ABE 7 pre-wired or adapter blocks. Presentation Modicon STB distributed I/O solution Open and modular system Color code Type of module NIM network interface EOS/BOS island expansion CANopen expansion 24 V c discrete inputs 24 V c supply distribution 24 V c discrete outputs 115 V a or 230 V a discrete current inputs 115/230 V a supply distribution 115/230 V a discrete current outputs Discrete relay outputs TeSys U and TeSys Quickfit interface, counter module Analog inputs Analog outputs 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 10

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