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Selection guide Modicon M580 automation platform Communication, integrated ports, and modules Applications Ethernet communication Type of device Processors with integrated Modbus/TCP port Network protocols EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP Structure Physical interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Type of connector RJ45 Access method CSMA-CD Data rate 10/100 Mbps Medium Double twisted pair copper cable, category CAT 5E Configuration Maximum number of devices 128 DIO (3) 31 RIO drops and 64 DIO (3) 64 DIO (3) Maximum length 100 m/ 328.08 ft (copper cable), 4,000 m/ 13,123.32 ft (multimode optical fiber), 32,500 m/ 106,627 ft (single-mode optical fiber) (1) Number of modules of the same type per station 1 Standard services Modbus/TCP messaging and EtherNet/IP services Embedded web server services Standard services Status Summary, Performance, Port Statistics, I/O Scanner, Quality of Service (QoS), Messaging, Network Time Service, Redundancy, and Alarm Viewer (2) Advanced services Transparent Ready communication services I/O Scanning service Yes Global Data service NTP time synchronization Yes FDR service Yes (server) SMTP e-mail notification service SOAP/XML web service SNMP network management service Yes RSTP redundancy service Yes QoS (Quality of Service) service Yes RTU communication services IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3 IP or IEC 60870-5-101, DNP3 serial Master or Slave configuration Time and date stamped data exchange RTU time synchronization Management and buffering of time and date stamped events Automatic transfer of time and date stamped events to the Master/SCADA Data Logging service Yes Compatibility with processor Processor or module references depending on other type of integrated port (5) None Serial link Ethernet Modbus/TCP CANopen DIO service BMEP58 p 020 DIO and RIO services BMEP58 p 040 BMEH58 p 040 Page 1/27 (1) Fiber requires use of other products (for example, an Ethernet switch or the BMXNRP020 p module) to convert from the twisted pair connectors (RJ45) that these products have. (2) For BM p 584040/5040/6040 processors, Rack Viewer is now available. (3) Including 3 connections reserved for Peer-to-Peer communications ("local slaves" function). 3 3/38 3/2

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