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3/31 Modicon M580 automation platform Profibus DP V1 and Profibus PA buses Profibus Remote Master module Presentation (continued) , references Profibus Remote Master (PRM) module (continued) Connectable devices The following Schneider Electric devices can be connected to this bus: b TeSys U and TeSys T starter-controllers b Momentum and Modicon STB distributed I/O b Altivar 312/61/71/Process variable speed drives for asynchronous motors b Lexium 05 and 32 servo drives for brushless motors b Altistart ATS 48 soft start-soft stop units b LMC Packdrive 3 b Osicoder b Any third-party device compatible with Profibus DP and PA standard profiles Limitations Once saved, the Unity project incorporates all the Profibus parameters as well as those of the slaves connected to the bus. Modicon Quantum, Premium, M580, and M340 PLCs are capable of embedding all this data so that an empty Unity terminal without any applications is able, after a simple transfer from the PLC, to locate the whole application, including the slave parameters. This function is called ETS (Empty Terminal Service) . In certain cases, it may be that the memory size required to save the device parameters exceeds the PLC memory capacity (signaled by a memory full message during the build). This is particularly likely on devices which have DTM (the most common instrumentation on PA). Typically, each device of this type takes up around 20 KB of the PLC memory. It is therefore essential to create a memory map according to the type of configuration used and possibly adapt it accordingly, either by increasing the amount of memory dedicated to the application (by reducing the zone allocated to data), or by increasing the overall memory via cartridges available in the catalog. If the ETS function is not required, Unity Pro can also be configured in such a way as to reduce the size of the embedded data by disabling comments and animation tables, or by disabling the upload function so that the application does not include data relating to DTMs. In this case, the upload from an empty terminal function is no longer available. References The Profibus Remote Master module is supplied with a CD-ROM, which includes: b The PRM master DTM for operating the PRM on Quantum, Premium, or M340 starting from Unity V5.0 b The PRM Gateway DTM for operating the PRM on M580 starting from Unity V8.0 b The generic Profibus DTM for managing devices not provided with DTM but just with gsd files b The PRM communication DTM providing total communication transparency from any FDT tool (out of Unity) up to the Profibus devices b A library of DFBs for PRM management or support of explicit DP V1 communication with Profibus slaves b PRM technical documentation Profibus Remote Master modules Description Type Reference Weight kg /lb Profibus Remote Master modules Standard TCSEGPA23F14F 0.620 / 1.367 Ruggedized (1) TCSEGPA23F14FK 0.620 / 1.367 Profibus DP bus connection components Description Type Reference Weight kg /lb Distributed I/O on Profibus DP bus Modicon STB network interface module STBNDP2212 0.140 / 0.309 Momentum communication module 170DNT11000 0.070 / 0.154 Connectors for remote I/O communication module Line terminators 490NAD91103 In-line connector 490NAD91104 In-line connector 490NAD91105 Description Length Reference Weight kg /lb Profibus DP connection cables 100 m/ 328.08 ft TSXPBSCA100 400 m/ 1,312.33 ft TSXPBSCA400 (1) Conformal coating and extended operating temperatures between - 25 and + 70 C/ - 13 and 158F (see ruggedized module characteristics, page 4/2) 490NAD91103 TCSEGPA23F14F 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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