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Selection guide (continued) Modicon M580 automation platform Communication, integrated ports and modules Applications AS-Interface communication Serial link communication Type of device AS-Interface actuator/sensor bus module 2-channel serial link module Network protocols AS-Interface Modbus and Character mode Structure Physical interface AS-Interface V3 standard Non-isolated RS 232, 8-wire Isolated RS 485, 2-wire Type of connector 3-way SUB-D 2 RJ45 and 1 RJ45 Access method Master/slave Data rate 167 Kbps 0.3...115.2 Kbps in RS 232 0.3...57.6 Kbps in RS 485 Medium Two-wire AS-Interface cable Shielded twisted pair copper cable Configuration Maximum number of devices 62 slaves 2 per drop, 16 per Ethernet remote I/O (RIO) network max. Maximum length 100 m/ 328.08 ft , 500 m/ 1,640.42 ft max. with 2 repeaters 15 m/ 48.21 ft with non-isolated RS 232, 1,000 m/ 3,280.83 ft with non-isolated RS 485 Number of links of the same type per station Depending on processor: up to 8 AS-interface modules in local rack All M580 processors: 36 application-specific channels (1 application-specific channel = 1 counter, motion control module, or serial link channel) BMECRA31210 Ethernet drop adapter: 2 AS-Interface modules 36 application specific channels max. 2 BMXNOM0200 modules per BMECRA31210 Ethernet drop adapter Standard services Transparent exchanges with the sensors/ actuators Read/write bits and words, diagnostics in Modbus mode Send and receive character string in Character mode Conformity class M4 profile Embedded web server service Standard service Advanced services Communication services 24 V c external power supply Type of processor or module depending on other integrated port None BMXEIA0100 BMXNOM0200 Serial link Ethernet Modbus/TCP CANopen Page Please consult the Modicon X80 I/O platform catalog available on our website 3 3/39 3/4

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