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Modicon Momentum automation platform

Ethernet TCP/IP communication adapters


The Model 170 ENT 110 02 and 170 ENT 110 01 Ethernet communication adapters for the Modicon Momentum I/O product line provide a direct connection to Ethernet-based networks for the entire family of Modicon Momentum I/O modules. This connectivity enables communications with a full range of Ethernet TCP/IP compatible control products that includes: programmable controllers, industrial computers, motion controllers, operator control stations, host computers, and other controls. This communication network provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for communicating factory floor information to various layers of an integrated manufacturing facility. The 100BASE-TX Ethernet communication adapter, the 170 ENT 110 01 (and the 10BASE-T adapter, the 170 ENT 110 02 ) are single adapters designed to plug on to any of the Modicon Momentum Input/Output module bases. Both are designed to conform to the requirements of the Ethernet communication network. The Ethernet IP addressing scheme allows an unlimited number of Modicon Momentum I/O modules or wiring diagrams on the network. Using standard Ethernet hubs, routers, and bridges, the performance and distance capability of the Ethernet network can be tailored to meet the requirements of almost any control application. The Ethernet communication adapter uses the standard Modbus message structure and control commands over the TCP/IP protocol. This simplifies implementation by control engineering, while providing information that can be communicated over standard network media to enterprise applications. Since Modbus on TCP/IP over Ethernet is supported by Schneider Electrics Modicon Quantum and Premium controller families, Modicon Momentum I/O can be added to existing control systems where additional I/O capacity of a distributed I/O sub-network is needed. The Ethernet communication adapter requires connection to a BOOTP server for configuring the modules IP parameters, including its own unique IP address, default fateway, and sub-net mask. These parameters are stored in the communication adapters flash memory. Schneider Electric automation business offers BOOTP Lite Ethernet software as a free download from the Schneider Electric web site at www.schneider-electric.us .


The front panel of the 170 ENT 110 0 p Ethernet communication adapter features: 1 Ethernet RJ45 connector for 100BASE-TX interface for 170 ENT 110 01 ) or 10BASE-T interface for 170 ENT 110 02 ) 2 Area for Label (label shipped with I/O base) 3 LED Status Indicators for the 170 ENT 110 02 display include: Run (green), module health - LAN Active (green), Ethernet network status - LED Status Indicators for the 170 ENT 110 01 display include: Run (green), module health - 10T (green), 10 Mbit/s network activity - 100T (amber), 100 Mbit/s network activity - ST (green), Ethernet network status - 3 2 1

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