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Modicon Momentum automation platform

M1/M1E processor adapters


Modicon Momentum M1/M1E processor adapters are based on the Modicon 984 family of products. You can mount these adapters on Modicon Momentum I/O Bases to provide intelligence to the I/O. The processor adapter can quickly and independently solve logic, control its own local I/O (discrete or analog), and communicate to other control entities through one of a number of Modicon Momentum communication options. The processor adapter can turn an ordinary I/O Base into a PID controller or high-speed logic solver. You can create your own controller from a number of different bases, and with other Modicon Momentum options, network your local logic solvers together into an intelligent subsystem as part of a larger Modicon application, or into a stand alone, integrally networked system with local controllers with extended I/O. Modicon Momentum M1/M1E processor adapters can stand alone, or be mounted on a single Modicon Momentum I/O Base (with its own extended Modicon Momentum I/O connected to the I/O Bus Port on 171 CCS 760 00 processor adapter). It can also be mounted together with one of a variety of Modicon Momentum Option adapters providing different network capabilities, a time-of-day clock, and a battery back-up system. The built-in flash memory is used to store the executive, allowing for convenient field upgrades of the operating system. The flash memory can also be used to back up your applications, creating a local copy of your program to be loaded back into RAM, thus providing original program file integrity. On the 171 CCS 780 00 processor adapter, the RS 485 port can be used to connect to dedicated devices such as an operator interface panel or a marquee, or used in a master/slave RS 485 network to connect to multiple devices. The processor adapters can be programmed with Modsoft version 2.5 or greater, Concept version 2.1 or greater, ProWORX NxT version 2.0 or greater or ProWORX 32. The following table describes the specifications of the Modicon Momentum M1/M1E processor adapters.


Processor adapter RAM Memory Flash Memory Scan Time Modbus Port I/O Bus Port IEC Executive 171 CCS 700 00 64 K 256 K 1 ms/K 1 x RS 232C 171 CCS 700 10 64 K 256 K 0.63 ms/K 1 x RS 232C 171 CCS 760 00 256 K 0.63 ms/K 1 x RS 232C 1 x I/O Bus Compatible 171 CCS 780 00 64 K 256 K 1 ms/K 1 x RS 232C 1 x RS 485 171 CCC 760 10 512 K 1 ms/K 1 x RS 232C 1 x I/O Bus Compatible 171 CCC 780 10 512 K 1 ms/K 1 x RS 232C 1 x RS 485 Compatible 171 CCC 960 20 544 K 512 K .3 ms/K 1 x Ethernet 1 x I/O Bus 171 CCC 960 30 544 K 1 Mb .3 ms/K 1 x Ethernet 1 x I/O Bus Supplied 171 CCC 980 20 544 K 512 K .3 ms/K 1 x RS 485 1 x Ethernet 171 CCC 980 30 544 K 1 Mb .3 ms/K 1 x RS 485 1 x Ethernet Supplied

Programming Software for Modicon Momentum Modicon Momentum processor adapters have a number of PC programming software options available. You can program your processor adapter via the Modbus RS 232 serial port, or with an M1E processor via Ethernet network. If using a Modbus Plus Option adapter in conjunction with a Processor adapter, you can program via an SA85 card installed in a PC and connected to the same Modbus Plus network. For more specific information, see the appropriate Modicon Momentum, ProWORX or Concept programming software literature and documentation.


Specifications: pafes 64 to 67 References: pafe 68

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