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Communication operational again in under 50 ms after a cable break or module malfunction CRA CRP Quantum and Modicon X80 Ethernet RIO Quantum Ethernet I/O CRA Cable break

Ethernet RIO architecture, self-healing of a ring


(continued) Advantages of the offer

Flexibility, ability to combine and determinism

b The flexibility of Ethernet topologies provides many different options to meet the needs of numerous applications. b The ability to combine Quantum or Modicon X80 Ethernet RIO and DIO devices on the same medium enables: v Reduced wiring costs v Up to 31 Ethernet RIO drops and up to 128 Ethernet DIO devices per Ethernet DIO head adaptor (1) b The deterministic nature of data exchanges between the PLC and the Ethernet RIO allows the system response time to be calculated for the Ethernet RIO, irrespective of the number of Ethernet DIO devices.

Increased process performance and availability

b High performance levels exceeding the current limits for Quantum architectures on S908 bus: v 64 input words and 64 output words for Quantum Ethernet drops on S908 bus v 400 input words and 400 output words for Quantum or Modicon X80 Ethernet drops on Ethernet network b High overall process availability in Quantum Ethernet I/O architectures with: v Ring topologies using the 2 Ethernet ports on the CRP Ethernet head adaptor and CRA Ethernet drop adaptor v Self-healing of a primary or secondary ring in less than 50 ms ( recovering time ), in the event of a cable break or module malfunction. This performance is due to the execution speed of the Ethernet components in the modules and switches (DRS) validated for this type of architecture (see page 2/18).

Remote debugging on the SERVICE ports (2)

CRP Ethernet head adaptors and Quantum or Modicon X80 CRA Ethernet drop adaptors (3) have a SERVICE port which supports a data rate of 5 Mbps (up to a maximum of 20 Mbps for all the Ethernet DIO ports in the network) and allows the connection of: b A local HMI (Magelis terminal, etc.) (4) b One or more Ethernet DIO devices (5) b A PC with Unity Pro software (6), for remote debugging of an application b A network diagnostic device with software such as ConneXium Network Manager or network analysis tools (Port Mirroring function available on the



Online configuration modification with the CCOTF function

The CCOTF ( Change Configuration On The Fly ) function enables the addition or removal of I/O modules, or even the addition of a complete Quantum or Modicon X80 Ethernet RIO drop (6) in a Quantum Ethernet I/O configuration, in RUN mode. These changes are possible on the Quantum local rack and on Quantum or Modicon X80 Ethernet RIO drops equipped with a high performance type CRA module (see page 2/15). For further information on the CCOTF function, see page 2/37.

(1) Ethernet head adaptor, see page 2/16. (2) Requires Ethernet module 140NOC78000 or 140NOE771 p 1, linked to the CRP Ethernet head adaptor in the Quantum local rack (see page 2/16). (3) Requires Modicon X80 BMXCRA31210 Ethernet drop adaptor (see page 2/17). (4) Please refer to the Human-Machine Interfaces catalogue. (5) Please refer to the relevant product catalogues on our website www.schneider-electric.com. (6) Requires Unity Pro Extra Large software u V7.0.



Modicon Quantum automation platform

Quantum Ethernet I/O

I/O architectures

Quantum Ethernet I/O Ethernet DIO device cloud CRA Unity Pro

Connection to SERVICE ports

Ethernet network Modicon STB DIO CRP NOM Serial link NOC CRA SERVICE port

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