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Modicon X80 CRA Ethernet drop adaptors

(1)(2) Presentation A Quantum Ethernet I/O architecture with Modicon X80 RIO drops requires the use of a dedicated CRA drop adaptor in each Modicon X80 drop: b Standard drop adaptor BMXCRA31200 (capacity, see below) b High performance drop adaptor BMXCRA31210 (capacity, see below) These drop adaptors are connected by Ethernet cordsets fitted with RJ45 connectors. The dual Ethernet network connection port on each drop adaptor allows Daisy Chain Loop connections using the RSTP protocol ( Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol ). Each module uses one slot in the Modicon X80 rack. The BMXCRA31210 adaptor is also available in a conformal coating version for harsh environments.

Capacity of Quantum Ethernet I/O architectures with Modicon X80 Ethernet RIO

The number of X80 drops behind a Quantum CPU6 pppp depends on the reference: b For 140CPU67060 HSBY CPUs: v Up to 6 Modicon X80 RIO drops (only support Modicon X80) b For 140CPU651 pp standard CPUs and the 140CPU67160 HSBY CPU: v Up to 16 Modicon X80 RIO drops, limited to a maximum of 31 RIO drops (Quantum + Modicon X80) b For 140CPU65260, 140CPU65860, 140CPU6726 p and 140CPU67861 CPUs: v Up to 31 Modicon X80 RIO drops, limited to a maximum of 31 RIO drops (Ethernet Quantum and Modicon X80) b Each Modicon X80 RIO drop can comprise one primary rack and one secondary rack (3) b Distance: v 100 m between stations (copper medium) v 2 km between Modicon X80 drops, with BMXNRP0200 multimode optical fibre repeaters v 16 km between Modicon X80 drops, with BMXNRP0201 multimode optical fibre repeaters

Capacity of Modicon X80 CRA drop adaptors Type of module BMXCRA31200 standard BMXCRA31210 high performance Primary racks per drop Up to 2 SERVICE port 1 Discrete I/O points Up to 128 Up to 1024 Analog I/O points Up to 16 Up to 256 Expert modules supported: b serial link BMXNOM0200 b time and date stamping at 1 ms BMXERT1604T b counting BMXEHC0200/0800 CCOTF function Yes Time and date stamping 10 ms

Description 1 Display block indicating the module status 2 Rotary switches for addressing Ethernet RIO drops (00159) 3 On BMXCRA31210 module: dedicated RJ45 SERVICE port for remote service tools such as a PC, an HMI terminal or Ethernet DIO devices (identical to the SERVICE port on Quantum CRP/CRA modules, see page 2/14) 4 RJ45 DEVICE NETWORK port for connection to the Ethernet network 5 RJ45 DEVICE NETWORK port for connection to the Ethernet network

(1) For additional characteristics, see our website www.schneider-electric.com. (2) Requires Unity Pro Extra Large software u V7.0. (3) Requires two BMXXBE1000 rack expansion modules (one in the primary rack and one in the secondary rack) and a BMXXBC ppp K extension cable (0.8, 2 or 28 m) for connecting these two modules. See page 2/24.



Modicon Quantum automation platform

Quantum Ethernet I/O

Modicon X80 CRA Ethernet drop adaptors

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