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(continued) Online modification of the configuration (CCOTF) This function, which is also called CCOTF (Change Configuration On The Fly), is used to add or remove discrete or analog I/O modules to/from a Quantum CPU configuration in RUN mode. It also enables Ethernet RIO drops to be added in RUN mode. The addition of a complete Ethernet RIO drop in RUN mode requires Unity Pro u V7.0 on the following CPUs: - 140CPU65260 - 140CPU65860 - 140CPU67260 - 140CPU67261 - 140CPU67861 It also enables the configuration parameters of pre-existing and new I/O modules to be modified online. The CCOTF function thus avoids interrupting processes and helps to reduce production costs. The CCOTF function is supported by Standalone CPUs from version 5 or later of Unity Pro, and for Hot Standby CPUs from version 4.1 or later of Unity Pro. The following tables list the CPUs which support the CCOTF function and the I/O modules for which this function is permitted:

Standalone CPUs Hot Standby CPUs 140CPU31110 140CPU67060 140CPU43412A (1) 140CPU67160 140CPU53414B (1) 140CPU67260 (2) 140CPU43412U 140CPU67261 (2) 140CPU65150 140CPU67861 (2) 140CPU65160 140CPU65260 (2) 140CPU65860 (2) Analog I/O modules Discrete I/O modules 140ACI03000 140DDI15310 140DAI55300 140DAO84210 140ACI04000 140DDI35300 140DAI74000 140DAO84220 140ACO02000 140DDI35310 140DAI75300 140DAO85300 140ACO13000 140DDI36400 140DSI35300 140DRA84000 140AII33000 140DDI67300 140DDO15310 140DRC83000 140AII33010 140DDI84100 140DDO35300 140DVO85300 140AIO33000 140DDI85300 140DDO35301 140DDM39000 140AMM09000 140DAI34000 140DDO35310 140DDM69000 140ARI03010 140DAI35300 140DDO36400 140DAM59000 140ATI03000 140DAI45300 140DDO84300 140DII33000 140AVI03000 140DAI54000 140DDO88500 140DIO33000 140AVO02000 140DAI54300 140DAO84000 140DAO84010 (1) CPUs updated with the Unity Pro firmware. (2) The addition of a complete Ethernet RIO drop function is available for these CPUs with Unity Pro u V7.0.



Modicon Quantum automation platform

Hot Standby system

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Overview: page 2/6 Quantum Ethernet I/O: page 2/14 S908 bus: page 2/30 Presentation: page 2/34 References: page 2/40 CCOTF function: exchanging I/O modules with the application in RUN mode

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