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5/11 Functions (continued) Modicon Quantum automation platform PlantStruxure Ethernet Architectures Industrial Ethernet communication services Functions (continued) EtherNet/IP standard communication protocol EtherNet/IP is an industrial communications protocol based on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) which is owned and managed by the ODVA, an international, independent standards organization ( Standard, unmodified Ethernet Schneider Electric added EtherNet/IP as a core network in 2007. EtherNet/IP is very similar to Modbus TCP in many aspects. In particular, it shares the same principles of standardization and interoperability. EtherNet/IP operates on the same equipment and infrastructure as Modbus TCP, and both protocols can operate simultaneously on the network at any time. Advanced services and high performance EtherNet/IP is built on an object-based model. Data in each EtherNet/IP device is frouped in Objects, and each device may have different types of objects, depending on the purpose of the device. EtherNet/IP Objects The Ethernet modules implement the standard set of objects prescribed by the ODVA. The most common objects are listed below: Communication Identity Object (01hex) Message Router Object (02hex) Assembly Object (04hex) Connection Object (05hex) Connection Configuration Object (F3hex) Connection Manager Object (06hex) Modbus Object (44hex) EtherNet/IP Network QoS Object (48hex) Port Object (F4hex) TCP/IP Interface Object (F5hex) Ethernet Link Object (F6hex) Diagnostics EtherNet/IP Interface Diagnostic Object (350hex) EtherNet/IP IO Scanner Diagnostic Object (351hex) IO Connection Diagnostic Object (352hex) EtherNet/IP Explicit Connection Diagnostic Object (353hex) 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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