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Modicon Quantum automation platform

Ethernet Modbus/TCP network


Processing capacities of Modicon platforms

Processing capacity Use the table below to compare, for each station, the total number of messages received via the Modbus (or Uni-TE) messaging service if used (value R1, R2 or Ri) with the capacity of the station CPU. Processing of Modbus requests per PLC scan cycle

Modicon M340, Modicon Premium/Atrium platforms Messages received Total messages received by the PLC from all the communication modules (1) TSX5710 4 messages/cycle BMXP3420 / TSX5720 8 messages/cycle TSX5730 12 messages/cycle TSX5740 16 messages/cycle TSX5750/60 (2) 16/20 messages/cycle Modicon Quantum platform Integrated port limitations Communication module limitations Ethernet modules per PLC All types of communica- tion request Additional read/write 4x registers All types of communica- tion request Additional read/write 4x registers 140CPU311 1 message/ cycle 4 messages/ cycle Up to 2 140CPU651 16 messages/ cycle 16 messages/ cycle 4 messages/ cycle 8 messages/ cycle Up to 6 messages/cycle: number of messages received per cycle from the PLC master task (typical cycle of 50 to 100 ms)

Ethernet transaction processing capacity For each station, compare the total number of messages received S [values Ri, Rj] and the total number of messages transmitted S [values Ei, Ej] (for station N, for example) with the Ethernet transaction processing capacity shown below. Use the elements below for the Ethernet connection per PLC, rather than the number of transactions required by the application.

Ethernet transaction processing capacity Modicon M340 BMX Modicon Premium TSX Modicon Quantum 140 NOE0100 NOE0100WS P342020 P342030 ETY210 ETY110WS ETY4103/5103 WMY100 P5710/20/30/40 P5750 P5760 NOE77101/11 NWM10000 CPU65 ppp CPU67 ppp Modbus messaging 500 transactions/s 500 transactions/s 60 transactions/s 450 transactions/s 500 transactions/s 350 transactions/s 350 transactions/s I/O Scanning service 2000 transactions/s Server mode (3) Service not available 2000 transactions/s (4) 2000 transactions/s 2000 transactions/s (4) 2000 transactions/s Global Data subscription 800 Service not available Service not available 800 (4) 800 (4) 800


(1) A temporary overload, due for example to an adjustment terminal or the temporary connection of an Internet browser, lasting for a few PLC scans, is permitted. (2) Only with Unity Pro software. (3) BMXP3420 p 0 CPUs with Modbus TCP messaging in server mode can be scanned by a device with the I/O Scanning service. (4) TSXWMY100 and 140NWM10000 modules do not have I/O Scanning and Global Data services.



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