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The AS-Interface (actuator sensor interface) system is a cabling solution used in machine level automated systems instead of conventional parallel wiring. This serial interface consists of an unshielded non-twisted pair enabling communication with user devices (sensors and actuators) provided with internal intelligence. The 140EIA92100 AS-Interface module for Modicon Quantum PLCs is a single-slot module with one AS-Interface channel. The Quantum I/O map interface makes the module usable in local, remote (RIO) and distributed (DIO) I/O drops. Network media and topology The AS-Interface line uses an unshielded 2-wire cable for data and power distribution. The protocol is based on a master/slave hierarchy and allows up to 31 slaves to be connected to a single network over a maximum distance of 100 metres. This length can be increased through the use of repeaters. The 140EIA92100 master module supports the AS-Interface M2 (AS-Interface V1), profile, one of the simplest to use. It is designed to meet the requirements of actuator and sensor devices where the connection cost is high and there is a relatively small amount of data to be handled. The topology of the AS-Interface line is totally flexible and can be adapted to users' requirements (point-to-point, line or tree structure topology). In all cases, the total length of all branches of the line must not exceed 100 metres (without using repeaters). The AS-Interface cable consists of one unshielded non-twisted pair enabling simultaneous powering of and communication with the connected devices. The wire has a cross-section of between 1.5 and 2.5 mm


depending on the power consumption of the devices. Functions of the Modicon Quantum AS-Interface module b Compatible with all Quantum CPUs b Module parameter setup using Unity Pro software b The Quantum I/O map interface allows 4 modules per local drop, 4 per remote drop (RIO) and 2 per distributed I/O drop (DIO) b Display block of 32 LED indicators displays slave addresses and the state of slave I/O bits b Hot swap function available without damage for all Quantum I/O racks b Protected against reverse polarity of AS-Interface line inputs b Less commissioning time and increased diagnostic capability reduces the overall cost of an automated system b Automatic device reconfiguration (addresses and parameters)


The 140EIA92100 AS-Interface module consists of the following: 1 Type and colour code 2 Display block of 32 LED indicators 3 Removable hinged door 4 3-way male SUB-D connector for AS-Interface cable connection

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