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(continued) The application program allows event-initiated communications and incorporates network diagnostics using either instructions in MSTR 984LL language or an equivalent function in an IEC 1131 language. A central computer can implement the Modbus Plus protocol, with NetBios-compatible software libraries that are called by this computer's application program. Appropriate libraries are provided for each type of computer interface, for the majority of platforms and operating systems.


Modbus Plus is a standalone network that uses inexpensive twisted-pair cables. It is a plug and play network. Modbus Plus connectivity is available on a great variety of PLC families, with additional connectivity made possible through our Collaborative Automation Partner Program. Modbus Plus supports up to 20,000 registers per second in a predictable, deterministic manner. Modbus Plus functions are based on a global database and a data table exchange mechanism. Diagnostic programs and visual LED indicators are an aid to network operation. Redundant cables For high-availability applications, Schneider Automation offers a series of Modbus Plus network components and options for redundant operations. The redundant cabling enables Modbus Plus communication over two independent cable systems, with link health being checked and validated on every message transfer. A faulty link is identified in the network statistics. If one link fails, for any reason whatsoever, the system will automatically switch to the other cable while the faulty link is repaired.

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Modicon Quantum automation platform

Modbus Plus network

Quantum with 140NOM212 p 0 module Momentum M1 with 172PNN26022 optional module Cable A PC Monitor Pro 416NHM30032 PCI bus adaptor AMSA85030 adaptor Cable B

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