Modicon Quantum Automation Platform Page 6-18 Quantum safety architectures

2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6/18 Selection guide Modicon Quantum automation platform Safety CPUs Automation platform for Unity Pro XL Safety software offer Safety applications Number of racks 3/4/6/10/16 slots Local I/O 1 main rack Remote I/O (RIO) 31 drops x 1 rack Maximum discrete I/O Local I/O No limit (max. 13 slots) RIO on S908 bus (1) 31,744 input channels and 31,744 output channels Maximum analog I/O (1) Local I/O No limit (max. 13 slots) RIO on S908 bus (1) 1984 input channels and 1984 output channels Application-specific modules Number of communication modules (in local rack) Ethernet TCP/IP 6 Ethernet 140 NOE 771 11 modules on local rack Bus connections Modbus 1 integrated RS 232/485 Modbus slave RTU/ASCII port AS-Interface actuator/sensor bus Profibus DP Network connections Modbus Plus 1 integrated port Ethernet TCP/IP 1 integrated port (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), 6 option modules on local rack USB 1 port reserved for programming PC Process control Control loops Redundancy Power supplies, remote I/O network, Ethernet TCP/IP modules Hot Standby CPU Application structure Master task 1 cyclic/periodic (20 ms min.) Fast task Auxiliary tasks Interrupt tasks Number of Kinstructions executed per ms 100% Boolean 5.14 Kins/ms 65% Boolean and 35% numeric 5.03 Kins/ms Bus current required 2760 mA Memory capacity without PCMCIA card IEC program and data 1024 KB Memory expansion with PCMCIA card Program Up to 7168 KB Data 1024 KB File storage Functional safety certification Certified by TV Rheinland as suitable for use in an SIL3 level safety function Approvals CE, UL, CSA, CSA Hazardous Location Class 1 Div 2, ATEX Zone 2/22 (2) Type of Quantum CPU 140CPU65160S Pages 6/23 (1) The maximum values for the number of discrete I/O and analog I/O are not cumulative. (2) Only Conformal Coating versions, depending on the model, are certified ATEX Zone 2/22. For further information, see pages 8/2 to 8/9.

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