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I/O operating principles

The following three I/O modules are certified for creating the safety loop in a Quantum safety PLC solution:

140SAI94000S 8 analog inputs 140SDI95300S 16 x 24 V c discrete inputs 140SDO95300S 16 x 24 V c discrete outputs

Each of these modules consists of two microprocessors executing the same program, sharing the same information, and checking one another from time to time.

Safety I/O module diagnostics

The table below shows the diagnostics run on the I/O modules:

Diagnostics Analog inputs Discrete outputs Discrete inputs Measurement out of range Yes Wiring broken Yes (4-20 mA implicit) (1) Process power supply fault Yes Overload Yes (1) Detection of 420 mA range overshoot only. Note : The short-circuit is not detected on discrete input modules. (See the reference manual for Quantum discrete and analog I/O).

In addition, the Quantum safety PLC provides communication diagnostics between the safety CPU and the safety I/O modules, for example a CRC. The PLC therefore tests that: b The data received is the data that was sent b The data is updated To manage disturbances such as EMC effects, which can corrupt data temporarily, it is possible to configure a maximum number of consecutive CRC errors for each module (between 0 and 3). Diagnostics on power-up On power-up, the safety I/O modules run an exhaustive self-test which lasts about 30 s. If these tests are negative, the modules deem there to be a malfunction and do not start. The inputs and outputs are set to 0. This self-test phase is indicated by the LEDs flashing quickly on the front of the modules. In addition, if the external 24 V c power supply is not connected to the discrete I/O modules, the self-test is also negative, and the module does not start. Diagnostics on overvoltage and undervoltage conditions The I/O modules continuously supervise the voltages provided by the various system power supplies (rack power supply and process power supply).



Modicon Quantum automation platform

Safety I/O modules

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