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Process safety: General

(continued) Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Safety Integrity Level (SIL) has become a synonym for functional safety. SIL defines the level of performance or reliability of an electrical or electronic system in terms of its safety. Hence, the SIL is an indicator of a system's ability to perform safety-related tasks. Safety standards (IEC 61508 and IEC 61511)

Process Machines Software Safety of systems and equipment IEC/EN 61508 Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-Related Systems EN 954-1 Safety-related parts of control systems IEC/EN 61511 IEC/EN 61508-3 IEC/EN 62061 prEN ISO 13849-1

Standard IEC 61508 Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-Related Systems was published in 1998 and validated in 2002. This safety standard was the first to define safety requirements for control systems independently of the application. IEC 61508 is a technical standard covering the functional safety of electrical or electronic equipment. A system is said to be safe if it performs one or more specific functions in such a way as to keep any risks to an acceptable minimum. Such functions are defined as being safety functions. IEC 61508 contains general requirements for minimizing the following risks: b Incorrect specifications of the system, hardware or software b Omissions in the specifications b Random failures of hardware b Systematic failures of hardware and software b Common cause failures b Environmental influences (e.g. electromagnetic, temperature, etc.) b Supply system voltage disturbances While IEC 61508 is primarily intended for manufacturers of components for protecting equipment and products, standard IEC 61511, Functional Safety Technical Safety Systems for the Process Industry, is aimed at users and designers of safety equipment. IEC 61511 provides recommendations and is designed to help assess the risk of damage to installations as well as facilitate the selection of safety components. IEC 61511 is specific to industrial processes: b It is widely applied to safety instrumented systems. b It is aimed primarily at system designers, integrators and users of safety systems or equipment. TV Rheinland TV is a group of companies specializing in authorizing IEC 61508 certification. One of these companies, TV Rheinland (Germany), is a world-renowned leader in safety-related systems. Recognized as one of the world's best certification agencies, TV Rheinland has the backing of both insurance companies and governments.



Modicon Quantum automation platform

Safety PLCs

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