Modicon Tm3 Expansion Modules Page 13 Modicon TM3 expert module for control TeSys motor starters

13 Description, references Expansion modules Modicon TM3 expert module for TeSys motor starter applications Description TM3XTYS4 expert module 1 Block with 20 LEDs displaying the status of the 12 input channels and 8 output channels. 2 Four RJ 45 connectors for cordsets connecting to the motor starters. 3 Screw terminal block for connecting the 24 V c power supply for the inputs and starter coils. 4 5 symmetrical rail locking clip. 5 TM3 bus connectors (one on each side). These are designed to provide continuity of the link between connected modules. 6 Adjacent module locking latch. References Expert module (1) Designation Number and type of channels Reference Weight kg lb Expert modules for control of TeSys motor starters 24 V c power supply (1.2 A) 4 motor starters TM3XTYS4 0.115 0.254 Separate parts Designation Description Reference Weight kg lb Mounting kit Sold in lots of 10 For plate or panel mounting of expert modules TMAM2 0.065 0.143 (1) The TM3XTYS4 module is supplied with a screw removable terminal block for connecting the power supply. 4 5 6 1 2 5 3 TM3XTYS4

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