Modicon Tm3 Expansion Modules Page 3 Modicon TM3 bus expansion system

3 Presentation Expansion modules Modicon TM3 expansion modules Bus expansion system Presentation Modicon TM3 bus expansion system A PLC configuration consists of a controller with its embedded input and output channels, used in conjunction with local or remote expansion modules which are used to increase the number of channels and/or functions. v Expansion modules are connected directly by simple interlocking with the controller (local I/O) or remotely (remote I/O) with a TM3 bus expansion cable, up to 5 meters ( 16.404 ft.) max. v The bus expansion connector, located on the side of the controllers and on each side of the Modicon TM3 expansion modules, transmits and synchronizes data. 2 1 5 4 2 3 6 4 7 24 V c Local I/O < 7 modules max. (1) > Embedded I/O Remote I/O < 7 modules max. > 1 Logic controller (M221, M221 Book, M241, M251). 2 Modicon TM3 digital I/O modules. 3 Modicon TM3 analog I/O modules. 4 Modicon TM3 expert module: control of TeSys motor-starters. 5 Modicon TM3 functional safety modules. 6 Modicon TM3 bus expansion modules (transmitter and receiver). 7 TM3 bus expansion cable. b Local I/O Maximum configuration: 7 Modicon TM3 expansion modules associated with an M2 pp logic controller. Depending on the expansion module references, there may be fewer than 7 (see page 6). b Remote I/O Maximum configuration: 14 Modicon TM3 expansion modules (7 local modules + 7 remote modules) with the Modicon TM3 bus expansion system (transmitter module and receiver module). The transmitter and receiver bus expansion modules can be used to: v increase from 7 to 14 the number of expansion modules that can be connected to an M2 pp logic controller v locate Modicon TM3 expansion modules remotely, up to 5 meters ( 16.404 ft. ) away The transmitter and receiver modules are physically linked by a VDIP184546 ppp bus expansion cable, or any other Cat 5E, F/UT cable. Mounting v Modicon TM3 expansion modules are mounted on a 5 symmetrical rail. They have a locking clip on the top of their casing. v For plate or panel mounting, use the TMAM2 kit. (1) Depending on type of TM3 module used (see page 5).

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