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Overview (continued)

Modicon X80 I/O platform

Common safety

Regulatory requirements

Good practices dictate that control systems must be designed to keep process control functions separate and operationally independent from safety functions. This is usually done using a controller for the process and a separate system for safety.

Our solution offers more than required by industry standards


Dual processing capability to control safety and process functions independently


Unifying independent plant safety and process control to protect the entire operating environment


Minimized impact of standard process failure on plant safety, its people and assets

No compromise for a safe running process


Best-in-class Modicon M580 performance, networking and cybersecurity


No need to design, install and maintain separate safety systems


Same tools, wiring methods and I/O structures as Modicon M580 controller

M580 Safety Standalone

Mix standard process and safety in a single M580 safety project

Clear distinction between safety and process

S a f e t y &S e c u r i t y

Typical Common Safety architecture with Modicon M580 Safety


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