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Module specifications and functions

Sepecifications The SSI module BMXEAE0300 is a 3-channel, synchronous serial interface, absolute encoder interface for Modicon PLCs. It supports: b 3 channels of SSI inputs (DATA pair, CLK pair, 24 VDC field power supply to encoder) b 1 reflex output for each SSI channel (Q) b 2 capture inputs for the 3 SSI channels (CAP_IN0, CAP_IN1) b 8 to 31 bits data width b 4 ranks of baud rates (100 kHz, 200 kHz, 500 kHz, 1 MHz) b capture and compare functions Basic and optional functions The following table presents the main functionalities of the BMXEAE0300 module:

Function Basic/ optional Description Absolute SSI encoder value acquisition Basic The position values of the SSI channel are automatically read by the module within 1 ms, unless the channel is disabled. Modulo Optional for motion The modulo function limits the dynamics of the position value within the power of 2. An event (if enabled) detects the modulo passing. The reflex output can also be asserted at the passing of modulo (if configured). Reduction Optional for motion This function reduces the intrinsic resolution of the encoder by a value defined by the reduction parameter. This reduction is carried out by a shift in the bit field provided by the encoder. Offset Optional for motion The correction function of the encoder offset systematically corrects the offset produced by the encoder at mechanical position 0. The user enters the absolute encoder offset parameter. Capture Optional for events The two capture input registers (per channel) enable the PLC program to carry out a dynamic measurement function between two points. The capture action can be triggered by two capture inputs. The event will be triggered at each occurrence of capture. Compare Optional for events Two independent comparators (per channel), with thresholds that can be modified by adjustment (explicit exchange), are able to generate an event or reflex output when the threshold is crossed.

Main features b Supported by Unity Pro V6.0 (or higher). b Supports absolute encoder 24 V model with standard SSI interface, including Telemecanique Sensors OsiSense SSI encoders. For further information, consult the website www.tesensors.com. b Standards and approvals: e , UL, CSA, C-Tick, GOST, etc.


SSI encoder interface module

(1) Description Number of channels Description per channel Reference Weight kg/ lb SSI encoder interface module 3 SSI channels 1 reflex output for each SSI channel 2 capture inputs for the 3 SSI channels 8 to 31 bits data width 4 ranks of baud rates:100 kHz, 200 kHz, 500 kHz, 1 MHz Capture and compare functions BMXEAE0300 0.138/ 0.304

Cabling accessories

Description Description, use Reference Weight kg/ lb 28-way removable terminal block Cage clamp BMXFTB2800 0.111/ 0.245 Spring BMXFTB2820 0.080/ 0.176 Shielding connection kit for module BMXEAE0300 (2) Comprising a metal bar and two support bases for mounting on rack See page 2/3 (1) Typical consumption: See the power consumption table available on our website www.schneider-electric.com. (2) The shielding on the cables carrying the power supply to the module, each SSI channel, the capture inputs and the reflex outputs (if any of them is wired) must always be connected to the BMXXSP pp 00 shielding connection kit mounted under the rack holding the BMXEAE0300 module (see page 2/3).

Functions, references

Modicon X80 I/O platform

BMXEAE0300 SSI encoder interface module


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