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Modicon X80 I/O platform

Safety analog input module

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The safety analog input module in the Modicon X80 I/O offer is the BMXSAI0410 : The BMXSAI0410 safety analog input module presents these features: b 4 isolated analog 4...20 mA current input channels. b 16 bit resolution (12,500 counts), spanning the data range of 0...25 mA b Current out of range detection, for current values less than 3.75 mA or greater than 20.75 mA b Achieves SIL3, Cat2/PLd evaluation using 1 input channel and SIL3, Cat4/PLe using 2 input channels This module can only be used with a safety CPU.


The BMXSAI0410 safety analog input module includes: 1 Lock/unlock configuration button. 2 Rigid body providing support and protection for the electronic card 3 Module reference marking (a label is also visible on the right-hand side of the module) 4 Display pannel comprising LEDs whose varying combinations provide a quick diagnostic status of the module and each channel


: - RUN LED (green): module in operation - ERR LED (red): module detected error - I/O LED (red): detected I/O module error - LCK LED (bi-color green/red): indicates the configuration status - 1 LED per channel (bi-color green/red): indicates the channel status 5 Connector taking the 20-way removable terminal block for connecting sensors or preactuators


20-way removable terminal blocks are used to connect the 3 safety discrete I/O modules. (2) There are three types of 20-way removable terminal blocks: b cage clamp terminal block BMXFTB2000


b screw clamp terminal block BMXFTB2010


b spring-type terminal block BMXFTB2020

Type of terminal block Minimum capacity Maximum capacity Cage clamp (3) One 0.34 mm wire (AWG 22) One 1 mm wire (AWG 18) Screw clamp (3) One or two 0.34 mm wires (AWG 22) Two 1.5 mm wires (AWG 15) Spring-type One 0.34 mm wire (AWG 22) One 1 mm wire (AWG 18)

Red labels are provided for safety I/O modules.


Safety analog input modules

Type of input Input signal range Resolution Connection Nb of channels Reference Weight kg/ lb Isolated high level input 420 mA 16 bits Removable terminal block, 20-way cage clamp, screw clamp, or spring-type 4 BMXSAI0410 0.143/ 0.315

Connection accessories for safety analog input module

Description For use with modules Type composition Reference Weight kg /lb 20-way removable terminal blocks BMXSAI0410 Cage clamp BMXFTB2000 0.093/ 0.205 Screw clamp BMXFTB2010 0.075/ 0.165 Spring BMXFTB2020 0.060/ 0.132 (1) LEDs in positions 47 are not used because the input module includes only four channels. (2) No cordset is provided for cabling safety X80 I/O modules. Too many options are possible according to the kind of: - applications: full safety, safety mixed with availability, etc. - safety level: SIL3/Cat2, SIL3/Cat4, SIL2, etc. For more information on the different cabling options, please refer to detailed user manuals published on our website: www.schneider-electric.com. (3) Connectors are equipped with captive screws: max. tightening torque 0.5 N.m/0.37 lb-ft. SDI1602 red label




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