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5/3 Presentation, description (continued) Modicon X80 I/O platform Modicon X80 CRA Ethernet drop adapters Modicon X80 performance EIO adapter Presentation An M580 Ethernet RIO (EIO) architecture with Modicon X80 I/O drops requires the use of a dedicated adapter in each Modicon X80 drop. The BMECRA31210 adapter supports Ethernet and X-bus communications across the remote backplane. This EIO adapter module supports several expert modules such as counter and weighing modules and CCOTF (change configuration on the fly). For Modicon X80 RIO drops on an Ethernet backplane, time stamping can be managed with a resolution of 10 ms when using a BMECRA31210 performance EIO adapter. Only one BMECRA31210 module can be installed per Modicon X80 RIO drop. This module can also support a BMXXBP pp 00 expansion rack. The BMECRA31210 adapter is designed to be installed on an Ethernet backplane in the main remote rack. The adapter supports the Modicon X80 I/O and partner modules with both Ethernet and X-bus connections (1) . The keying pin on the rear side of the module means the BMECRA31210 adapter cannot be installed on unsupported backplanes. These adapters are connected by Ethernet cordsets equipped with RJ45 connectors. The dual Ethernet connection port on each adapter allows daisy chain loop connections using the RSTP protocol (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol). The BMECRA31210 adapter is also available in a conformal coating version for harsh environments. Capacity of the Modicon CRA drop adapter Type of module BMXCRA31200 standard BMXCRA31210 high performace BMECRA31210 high performace Maximum number of racks per drop Up to 2 Up to 2 SERVICE port 1 Discrete I/O modules Up to 128 Up to 1024 Analog I/O module Up to 16 Up to 256 Expert modules supported: b Serial link BMXNOM0200 BMXNOM0200 b Time and date stamping at 1 ms BMXERT1604T BMXERT1604T b Counter BMXEHC0200/ BMXEHC0800 BMXEHC0200/ BMXEHC0800 b Weighing PMESWT0100 b Frequency input BMXETM0200H BMXETM0200H b HART integrated analog I/O modules BMEAHI0812/ BMEAHO0412 CCOTF function Yes Time and date stamping 10 ms Description 1 LED display block indicating the module status 2 Rotary switches for setting the address of an EIO drop (00159) 3 Dedicated RJ45 service port (ETH 1) for remote service tools such as a PC, HMI terminal module, or Ethernet DIO devices 4 RJ45 device network port (ETH 2) for connection to the Ethernet network 5 RJ45 device network port (ETH 3) for connection to the Ethernet network References Ethernet drop adapter Description SERVICE port Reference Weight kg/ lb X80 EIO drop adapter Provide one module per Modicon X80 EIO drop 1 BMECRA31210 (1) This module is also compatible with X-bus backplanes. In this case it has the same functionality as a BMXCRA31210 performance Ethernet drop adapter. For more details see our website BMECRA31210 1 2 3 4 5 Compatibility: page 1/8 Racks and power supply modules: page 2/2 I/O modules: page 3/2 Communication: page 5/8 Ruggedized modules: page 6/2 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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