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Pacdrive 3 Automation Solution Catalog - Page 13 Focus on packaging and handling processes



PacDrive 3 automation solution

Focus on packaging and handling processes

Expertise across the entire packaging process

Schneider Electric is one of the leading companies in packaging automation worldwide.


As a pioneering member of OMAC, Schneider Electric has been active for many years in the OMAC Packaging Workgroup. Schneider Electric has also implemented the guidelines of the Weihenstephan Standard, which is becoming increasingly important for the vertical integration of data streams generated from packaging lines. Today, more than 80,000 machines worldwide are automated using the PacDrive platform. Everything is possible, from simple positioning applications up to 130 synchronous driven servo axes or integrated robots.


To save time and enhance quality, machines can be automated with matching, ready-to-use library software modules such as Multibelt, Winder/Unwinder, Printmark Detection, Sealing, and so on. The template-based software strategy was developed for more complex applications, and supports the trend towards the use of modular machines in packaging automation by offering standardized, reusable machine programs.

Automated handling : solutions including mechatronics


In automated handling, solutions including mechatronics handling, Schneider Electric has taken its solutions far beyond basic technologies. PacDrive can serve as the hardware basis for a large number of conveying and handling requirements. The PacDrive software libraries offer ready-to-use software modules for many typical tasks such as conveying, feeding, separation, or infeed.

Example of architectures and library functions also simplify implementation for demanding applications. Linear motion axes, cartesian robots, and Delta 2 / Delta 3 picker robots are of particular interest. These functions can be used for stainless steel robots in hygienic designs, Schneider Electric offers complete solutions: hardware, software, and mechatronics - plus services. These robots can be used for material handling solutions such as buffers for small load carriers or sorting systems in the beverage industry.

Focus on packaging and handling processes

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