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PacDrive 3 automation solution

Simplify integration & maintenance

PacDrives digital system architecture is based upon the concept of a centralized controller. All system functions run through the centralized controller, from the human-machine interface to motion and device bus communication, line synchronization, and vertical integration. This approach creates far-reaching possibilities for diagnostics, easy firmware handling, and automatic parameterization of replacement components.

Maintenance tools


The Logic Builder in SoMachine Motion offers extensive diagnostic funtionalities throughout a PacDrive-based automation system. Sercos scan can be used to detect all core components and maintain firmware version compatibility in drives or motors. An integrated software oscilloscope permits simultaneous plotting of PLC and motion variables (including mixed variables). During commissioning, the tool's message logger makes it easy to track down the source of system and user diagnostics messages.


Backup data, system data and, firmware updates for the controller can be managed with the Controller Assistant. The Drive Assistant is an easy-to-use tool for direct updates of firmware in Sercos slaves.


Diagnostics was developed for local use during normal operations. This stand-alone tool can be run as a single program on a PC, without the need for an additional SoMachine Motion workbench. Diagnostics provides a snapshot of a machines current status, including loggers, device parameters, I/O status, graphical architecture view of the Sercos network, and more. Diagnostics contains almost the same functionalities as the programming and commissioning tool for engineering, without the risk of unintended changes to the machine program.

Fast device replacement


The ability to easily replace the electronic components responsible for improper operation is just as important as a rapid diagnosis of the improper operation itself. PacDrive users can quickly change out servo drives or servo motors with plug-and-play technology.


Parameterization of the replacement components via laptop or software installation is no longer required. The centralized PacDrive controller detects the replacement components or motors based upon their electronic type plates and configures them automatically.


There is also no need to activate switches for the Sercos or IP address. The controller performs a firmware check and retrieves updates when the equipment is replaced.

Remote maintenance

PacDrive provides the interfaces and/or protocols needed for remote maintenance via the Internet, modem, and mobile telecommunications. Schneider Electric provides advice and support to machine users and machine builders for integration of the most practical options worldwide.

Simplify integration and maintenance

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