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5 Presentation PacDrive 3 automation solution Open communication standards Sercos - an Ethernet-based automation bus Sercos is the automation bus used with PacDrive LMC Eco, LMC Pro and LMC Pro2 controllers. On a single Sercos ethernet network you are able to combine the complete system components for managing your machine such as Controllers, Drives, IO, Safety. The Sercos bus can be wired in a line or ring topology. In parallel to communication on field level, Sercos can be used for controller to controller on line level. This ensures precise synchronisation of different machines, coupled in high-speed processes for example. b Cat 5e b Baudrate: 100 Mbps b Cycle time: 1 ms4 ms Fieldbus standards and web protocols PacDrive is an open technology, which includes open communication standards. In addition to the default integrated interfaces, PacDrive controllers can communicate using the most common fieldbus and RT-Ethernet standards. > Sercos is the preferred automation bus for PacDrive solutions, while CANopen is an alternative for I/O communication for simple machines. Each PacDrive controller has a CANopen interface as well as a standard Ethernet interface > In addition to communication via Sercos and Ethernet, LMC Pro / LMC Pro2 series controllers can communicate simultaneously via two fieldbus protocols and real-time Ethernet, e.g. CAN and Profinet > Optional expansion cards are also available for all controllers to implement additional fieldbus interfaces such as EtherNet/IP. The LMC Pro / LMC Pro2 series controllers also have a Profibus DP interface (master and slave) > All current web protocols for vertical integration/remote control have been integrated, e.g. OPC UA, HTTP, FTP > Web visualization is available for remote access All embedded safety solution PacDrives embedded safety solution is a scalable distributed architecture solution able to mix Safety and non-safe IO within IO islands, safety drives within the Lexium 62 ILM integrated servo drives rack as well as optional module dedicated to the Lexium 62 ILM motors. The solution is certified up to SIL 3 of EN/IEC 61508, and performance level e Category 4 EN ISO 13849-1. Depending on the hardware configuration the follwing saftey functions can be implemented: STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SMS, all via Sercos bus. Embedded Safety Open communication standards Sercos automation bus Example of Safety architecture with Modicon TM5CSLC Safety logic controller, Modicon TM5 safety & non-safety expansion modules, and safe drives and motors for a safe communication over Sercos automation bus.

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