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Presentation PacDrive 3 automation solution Embedded robots Related products The integration of robotics into the machine control solution is one of the outstanding features of PacDrive: if robot kinematics with up to 6 axes are equipped with Lexium SH3 servo motors, they can be fully integrated into the PacDrive 3 automation solution. Standard Lexium servo drives or integrated servo drives can be used, and thanks to library functions, the robot(s) can be integrated into the IEC 61131-3-compliant machine program structures. Ready-to-use robotics packages > With the availability of complete robot arm mechanisms, there is no longer any need to develop customer-specific kinematics or integrate third-party products. This allows faster creation of robot-enabled machine designs. The portfolio consists of Delta 2 and Delta 3 picker mechanisms, and the cartesian system provides individual solutions for portal and gantry robots. > All PacDrive Delta robots and Lexium Cartesian robots are developed and produced by Schneider Electric. Universal use of PacDrive Robotics software library > Appropriate transformation modules incorporate all typical kinematics into the controller software, whether it involves PacDrive robotics or customized kinematics. > In addition to transformation modules mapped to the PacDrive Delta 3 and Lexium cartesian kinematics, a universal transformation module is also available for custom-designed or third-party kinematics, and allows various robots to be controlled with PacDrive controllers. Integration of vision systems with library functions > Vision systems are typically a fundamental element in robotics solutions. An open vision library allows many of the vision systems available on the market to be quickly integrated into a solution. Cognex vision solutions in particular are fully supported. Embedded robotics solutions Delta 2 picker mechanisms Delta 3 picker mechanisms Portal robots 7 Your one-stop shop from simple control systems to global automation solutions Schneider Electric offers a full range of products and solutions for energy distribution & management and for industrial automation. From actuators to control systems, we have the products to complete your PacDrive 3 automation solution. Please visit on our web site,, to find the following products and others: > Motor control, positioning: Variable frequency drives, Step motor drives, EC motor drives, Motor-starters > HMI, control and dialogue devices: Operator interfaces with display panels, Pushbuttons, Emergency switches, Dialog and signaling devices (also for safety solutions) > Measuring, recording, switching: Optoelectronic / Inductive / Ultrasound Switches and Sensors, Recording systems (also for safety solutions) > Power supplies, power distribution, metering and monitoring: Power supplies, Contactors, Measuring equipment, Enclosures and Electrical cabinets Related products Motor control, Positionning HMI, Dialogue and control devices Measuring, recording, switching devices Mounting and powering

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