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26 Presentation SoMachine HVAC programming software for Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers SoMachine HVAC programming software Presentation Software solution SoMachine HVAC programming software is compliant with IEC 61131-3. It can be used to develop, configure, and commission entire HVAC or Pumping solution systems. It includes: b Programming Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers (performance and optimized) and remote display units b Setting up expansion buses and networks b Creating the screen of the displays (built-in and displays of the M171/M172 logic controller offer) b Configuring BMS communication modules on BACnet MS/TP (B-AAC profile) , Modbus SL, Modbus TCP, BAcnet MS/TP, BACnet IP (B-AAC profile), and LonWorks (FFT-10) b Dedicated libraries such as: v a library of application function blocks (1) v a library of Tested, Validated, and Documented Applications (TVDA) b Full simulation mode General characteristics Overview Programming languages b ST (Structured Text) b FBD (Function Block Diagram) b LD (Ladder) b IL (Instruction List) b SFC (Sequential Function Chart) Applications b Graphical and text-based languages: v Adaptation to each developer background v Library management v Code debugging v Parameter definition v Simulation mode b Advanced programming: v Vectors v Pointers System solutions management b Multi-target project b Management of Modbus data b Data exchange between several Modicon M171/M172 performance logic controllers Graphical user interface b Graphic display: v Multipage v Buttons v Edit box v Static text v Images v Animations v Bars v Lists of data (parameters/variables/alarms) b Configurable buttons b Multilanguage b Automatic documentation Communication bus configurators b Control networks: Modbus TCP, Modbus SL, Profibus b Expansion bus fieldbus: CAN expansion bus b BMS connectivity: BACnet MS/TP (B-AAC profile), BACnet IP (B-AAC profile), LonWorks (FFT-10) Advanced simulation options b Full simulation v I/O emulation v HMI v IEC code v Live debug v Triggers v Oscilloscope Advanced debugging and simulation options b Remote control/download: v Modbus SL & TCP v CAN v Modem b Parameter management b Status monitoring b Field test: v Oscilloscope v Debug window v Export to Excel (1) For more information about Application Function Blocks, see chapter 2.

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