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PowerPact B-Frame 15 to 125 A Circuit Breakers

affect electronic trip units. However, when electronic trip units are used in high- temperature situations, it is necessary to check the settings to ensure that only the permissible current for the given ambient temperature is let through. Vibration withstand IEC 60068-2-6 : Circuit breakers are tested in compliance with standard IEC 60068-2-6 for the levels required by merchant-marine inspection organisations (Veritas, Lloyd's, etc.): WEEE directive (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment): European directive on managing the waste of electrical and electronic equipment. Circuit breakers are not included in the list of concerned products. However, PowerPact products respect the WEEE directive. Measurements: Overvoltage category (OVC - Overvoltage category) IEC 60947-1. Annex H: Standard IEC 60664-1 stipulates that it is up to the user to select a measurement device with a sufficient overvoltage category, depending on the network voltage and the transient overvoltages likely to occur. Four overvoltage categories define the field of use for a device. Cat. I. Devices supplied by a SELV isolating transformer or a battery. Cat. II. Residential distribution, handheld or laboratory tools and devices connected to standardised 2P + earth electrical outlets (230 V). Cat. III. Industrial distribution, fixed distribution circuits in buildings (main low voltage switchboards, rising mains, elevators, etc.). Cat. IV. Utility substations, overhead lines, certain industrial equipment. Protection: Instantaneous protection I (Ii): This protection supplements Isd. It provokes instantaneous opening of the device. The pick-up is fixed (built-in). This value is always lower than the contact-repulsion level. Magnetic protection (Im): Short-circuit protection provided by magnetic trip units (see this term). The pick-up setting may be fixed. Neutral protection (IN): The neutral is protected because all circuit breaker poles are interrupted. The PowerPact B-frame 4P circuit breaker has fixed 100% protection in the far left pole. Thermal protection (Ir): Overload protection provided by thermal trip units (see this term) using an inverse time curve (I


t). Relays and auxiliary contacts: Auxiliary contact IEC 60947-1: "Contact included in an auxiliary circuit and mechanically operated by the switching device". Break contact IEC 60947-1 : "Control or auxiliary contact which is open when the main contacts of the mechanical switching device are closed and closed when they are open". Make contact IEC 60947-1 : "Control or auxiliary contact which is closed when the main contacts of the mechanical switching device are closed and open when they are open". Relay (electrical) IEC 60947-1 : "Device designed to produce sudden, predetermined changes in one or more electrical output circuits when certain conditions are fulfilled in the electrical input circuits controlling the device". Switchgear:

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