Powerpact B Frame Circuit Breakers Page 22 Introduction

PowerPact B-Frame 15 to 125 A Circuit Breakers Introduction I-Line Circuit Breakers 7Q16193 li=1250A In Ii t i Ue(V) Icu(kA) 10 0 65 25 Ui 8kV Ics(kA) 100 65 25 220/240 380/440 500/525 Uimp 8kV IEC/EN60947-2 AIR/Anom.I 40C Cat.A AWG lb-in #14 - #10 Cu #6 - #4 Cu 35 45 N.m m 2 2.5-6 Cu 16-70 Cu 4 5.1 LV426974 75C only/solo/seul Interrupting Rating Valor de interrupcion Valeur dinter uption 240 480 600Y/347 10 65 25 HACR 50/60Hz 40C S1 BJ125 BJA36125 Circuit breaker Interruptor Automatico Disjoncteur 125A LR69561 OFF MN 250V OF SD Connection system PowerPact I-Line B-Frame 3P I-Line Circuit Breaker PowerPact B-frame circuit breakers are available in I-Line construction for easy installation and removal in I-Line panelboard and switchboard applications. I-Line circuit breakers use blow-on type line side connectors. In case of a short circuit, increased magnetic flux causes the plug-on connectors of the circuit breaker to tighten their grasp on the busbars. The I-Line connectors and circuit breaker mounting bracket are integral parts of I-Line circuit breakers and cannot be removed or replaced. I-Line circuit breakers come with aluminum mechanical load-side lugs, or optional copper mechanical lugs, EverLink lugs with control wire terminals, or terminal nuts to connect to bus bars or to compression (crimp) lugs. Phase Option Examples Phase Option Number Phase Connection One-Pole Example Two-Pole Example Three-Pole Example 1 3 5 A B C BJA161251 BJA161253 BJA161255 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 AB AC BA BC CA CB - BJA261251 BJA261252 BJA261253 BJA261254 BJA261255 BJA261256 - blank 6 ABC CBA - BJA36125 BJA361256 Trip Unit Options Trip Unit Option Description blank 80% Rated C 100% Rated Y 480Y/277 Vac Rated Maximum S12 Automatic Molded Case Switch 22 0611CT1603

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