Powerpact B Frame Circuit Breakers Page 31 Accesories and Auxiliaries

Accessories and Auxiliaries PowerPact B-Frame 15 to 125 A Circuit Breakers Insulation of Live Parts For two, three, or four pole products, accessories are available to ensure insulation and IP rating: Long terminal shields (IP40) Interphase barriers Rear insulation screen. Long Terminal Shields (IP40) Connection system OFF OF D S B Products can be equipped with long terminal shields. They can be mounted upstream and downstream and are used for protection against direct contact with power circuits. They provide IP40 degree of protection and IK07 mechanical impact protection. The long terminal shield can be mounted after product installation on a plate or DIN rail, and can be removed and put in place even if there are auxiliary wires installed. They are not compatible with EverLink connectors. They are used for connection with cables or insulated bars. They are comprised of two parts assembled with two locks and captive screws, forming an IP40 cover. The top part is transparent to show the connection and is equipped with sliding grids with break marks for precise adaptation to cables or insulated bars. The rear part completely blocks off the connection zone. Partially cut squares can be removed to adapt to all types of connection for cables with lugs or copper bars. Interphase Barriers Connection system OFF OF SD Connection system OFF OF SD B Interphase barriers provide phase to phase isolation at the power-connection points: They clip easily onto the circuit breaker. They are not compatible with long terminal shields or EverLink connectors. There are two ways of mounting: short / long insulation. Rear Insulating Screens Connection system OFF OF SD Connection system OFF OF SD B Rear insulating screens provide insulation between the power terminals and the back pan or circuit breaker mounting surface. Their use may be mandatory if there is no long terminal shield depending on the distance between bare conductors and backplate (see B-frame Safety Clearance, UL Standard, page 60 and B-frame Safety Clearance, IEC Standard, page 61 ). 0611CT1603 31

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