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PowerPact B-Frame 15 to 125 A Circuit Breakers Accessories and Auxiliaries

Rotary Handles

Class 9421 Type L Door-Mounted Rotary Operators

Door-Mounted Rotary Operating Handle

The door mounted operator makes it possible to externally open, close and reset a circuit breaker installed in an enclosure with the enclosure door closed. Provides ON (I), OFF (O), and TRIP indication. The circuit breaker may be locked in the off position. The rotary operator kits shown below consist of: A mounting plate with a rotary actuator for a standard toggle circuit breaker. A heavy duty handle assembly rated for Type 1, 3R, and 12 enclosures.


An axial operating shaft (extension kit). The shaft length is determined by the distance between the back of the circuit breaker and the door: Minimum mounting depth is 138 mm (5.5 in.). Maximum mounting depth is 273 mm (10.75 in.) with standard shaft. Maximum mounting depth is 543 mm (21.3 in.) with long shaft. The extended rotary handle is compatible with 2 and 3-pole circuit breakers.

File E62922 CCN: DIHS2

Door-Mounted Extended Rotary Operating Handle

Kit Catalog Number Kit Contents Operating Mechanism Extension Kit Operating Handle Standard Shaft / Standard Handle 9421L- B1 9421LB7


x3 9421LH6

Long Shaft / Standard Handle 9421L- B4 9421LB7

x2 9421LS13

x3 9421LH6

Long Shaft / Short Handle 9421L- B3 9421LB7

x2 9421LS13

x3 9421LH3 Mechanism Only 9421L- B7 9421LB7 -

42 0611CT1603

13. More handle types rated for Type 3, 4, and 4X are available, see Section 8 of the Digest.

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