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Accessories, software

Memory card Backplane Expansion connector

XPSMCM system components

Accessories b Memory card XPSMCMME0000 is a removable memory card that can be used to save XPSMCM configuration data for subsequent transfer to a new device without using a PC . > The configuration in the XPSMCMME0000 overwrites any other configuration present on the safety controller CPU XPSMCMCP0802, replacing this with that contained in the card. > This configuration replacement function can be disabled on the safety controller CPU via SoSafe Configurable software. > Overwrite operations are recorded in chronological order in the safety controller CPU XPSMCMCP0802 LOG file. b Backplane Expansion connector XPSMCMCN0000SG is a backplane expansion connector: > It provides a safe communication between safe expansion components and the safety controller CPU. > Only the XPSMCMCP0802 safety controller CPU requires the purchase of the expansion bus connector. Each expansion module is provided with one expansion bus connector. > Use references XPSMCMCP0802BC and XPSMCMCP0802BCG when I/O expansion is required. The references includes both the safety controller and expansion bus connector. b Configuration cable TCSXCNAMUM3P is a configuration cable to be used for software configuration between a PC, the safety controller CPU, and to the fieldbus communication modules. > Length 3 m (9.84 ft.) > It is equipped with USB connectors: USB A and USB mini B b Safe communication cable > RS 485 serial interface shielded cable are used between the safe communications expansion modules to create up to 6 decentralized safety related islands > Available lengths: 10 to 50 m (32.81 to 164.04 ft.) b Encoder splitter cable > The encoder splitter cable enables the connection of an embedded encoder within the MC-4 Servo Drives (PacDrive M motion system) as well for Lexium 32, Lexium 52 and Lexium 62 servo drives to the speed monitoring module of the modular safety controller > Available lengths: 1 to 5 m (3.3 to 16.4 ft.) Software The SoSafe Configurable software, installed on a PC, is used to create complex logical conditions using logical operators and safety functions, such as muting, timer, counters, memories, etc. via a simple and intuitive graphic configuration interface. Configuration data are transferred to the safety controller CPU XPSMCMCP0802 via a USB link.

SoSafe Configurable software

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