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Steel industrial boxes

PB502069-40 PB502070-35 PB502071-35

Spacial SBM Flat box Spacial SBMC FL21 Entry box Spacial SBMB Bus box

Box with plain faces. Equipped with two or more FL21 cable gland plates. Equipped with FL 21 cable gland plates, a hinged cover with a transparent polycarbonate window and a DIN rail. Box body Single-piece body (rectangular structure). Front design incorporating folded gutters. Flat rear. 2 (or 3*) drilled profiles for installing mounting plates and DIN rails, with fixing centers of 12.5 mm. 2 or more FL21 cable gland plates (1) for easy drilling and to guarantee the maximum access area, delivered with the enclosure. Box cover Equipped with 2, 3, 4 or 6 half-turn thread screws, according to the version (2) to ensure maximum watertightness. Bus boxes equipped with cover hinges for a comfortable 180 door opening. Polyurethane sealing gasket. Protection of personnel Earth connection mandatory for all boxes: Spacial SBM steel boxes are equipped with a M6 x 16 earth stud welded in the cover, to be linked with the body for equipotential connection. Earth braid to be ordered separately ( 6.4 mm terminal). Material Sheet steel Finish Structured Color RAL 7035 grey Ingress protection rating IP66 IP55 Mechanical protection rating IK10 IK08 Standard Compliance with enclosure standard IEC 62208 and the RoHS directive Certifications UL, BV, DNV, LR, GL NEMA type 4, 4X according to UL 508A standard Fire class: M0 UL, BV, DNV, LR, GL NEMA type 12, 12K according to UL 508A standard Fire class: M0 Installation Indoor installation Direct wall-mounting (4 x 10 mm holes with sealing plugs to maintain the IP rating) or with the help of fixing lugs installed from the outside (to be ordered separately, see the specific accessory pages). Distance between fixing holes enables the installation of the box in the same locations as many existing enclosures. Marks on the rear of the box locate the fixing points of obsolete Schneider Electric models. Marks on the sides help with drilling the body to install hinges Outdoor installation Compliant with IEC 62208 regarding type tests specified in 9.12 (resistance to ultra-violet (UV) radiation) and 9.13 (resistance to corrosion). It is always advisable to place the box under shelter to avoid water stagnation on the upper part of the enclosure Maximum load Loading capacity on the body: 50 kg/m Other characteristics Vibration constraints Specific construction of the Spacial SBM - Single-piece body (rectangular structure). The rear is flat without added parts - this ensures compliance with certain vibration constraints. The tests were conducted according to the marine application by "Det Norske Veritas". Boxes labelled "DNV" have undergone these tests and obtained classification "A" * 3 profiles for width 800 mm. (1) Only on Entry boxes and Bus boxes. (2) 2 for Bus box (3 screws for width greater than 400 mm), 4 for Flat and Entry boxes (6 screws for width greater than 400 mm).

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