Sensors Quicklook Catalog Page 17 Limit switches

or call the Sensors Support line at (800) 435-2121 Plunger or multi-directional heads 9007L 9007K 9007J 9007KC 9007E 9007ED 9007D 9007JKC 9007R 9007H 9007G 9007F 9007GD Separate rotary heads and levers (shown below are just a few examples of the over 200 rotary style operators available) 9007MA11 9007HA1 9007FA1 9007EA1 9007FA6 9007LA19 (5) 9007A, B, C (5) , N, T10, T5 9007AA1 9007LA4 (5) 9007KB11 9007CA11 9007MA12 9007BA3 9007HA5 9007KA11 9007HA21 9007RA11 9007HA23 9007DA1 Operating heads, complete or for customer assembly (5) 9007LA style forked levers recommended for use with 9007C maintained (stay put) operating head. 17

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