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Safety and limit switches

Preventa XCSLF and XCSLE , the new safety interlock switches for protecting operators of potentially dangerous machines with inertia Osisense XCKVR , the new economical cross limit switches for hoisting applications

Pressure sensors for control applications

OsiSense XMLP , a new range of compact pressure transmitters with a gasket-free design for industrial operations

Inductive proximity sensors

OsiSense XS7, XS8, C2, and C4 , the new range of cubic and rectangular inductive sensors for material handling applications

Ultrasonic sensors

OsiSense XXV18 , long-distance ultrasonic proximity sensors for industrial detection operations OsiSenseXX , thru-beam mode-sensing technology well-suited to the accuracy, the high switching frequencies, and the detection of small objects required in applications like conveying

Rotary encoders

OsiSense XCC stainless steel rotary encoders-a range of absolute and incremental IP69K encoders, including a hygenic design especially for food and beverage environments

Radio frequency identification

OsiSense XGSZ RFID , with a new Ethernet/IP network connection box for connecting smart antennas on industrial networks



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