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Simplify machine programming and commissioning


SoMachine is the machine builder's solution software for developing, configuring, and commissioning the entire machine in a single software environment, including logic, motion control, HMI, and related network automation functions. SoMachine allows you to program and commission all the elements in Schneider Electrics Flexible and Scalable Control Platform, the comprehensive solution-oriented offer for machine builders, which helps you achieve the optimum control solution for each machines requirements. The Flexible and Scalable Control Platforms offer includes: b Controllers: - Modicon logic controllers: M238, M241, M251, M258 - Modicon motion controllers: LMC058, LMC078 - HMI controllers: Magelis SCU, XBTGC, XBTGT/GK - Drive controller: Altivar IMC b I/O modules: Modicon TM2, Modicon TM3, Modicon TM5, and Modicon TM7 offers b HMIs: - Magelis


STO/STU Small Panels - Magelis


GH/GK/GT Advanced Panels - Magelis


GTO Optimum Advanced Panels - Magelis


GTU Universal Panels Scalability v SoMachine allows flexible and scalable use of controllers in the SoMachine context: it is easy to integrate the M221 logic controllers from SoMachine Basic into a SoMachine project. v The Flexible Control feature allows you to replace a controller with another one, while retaining the logic and the configuration. Several versions of SoMachine can run in parallel in a system to help ensure compatibility. SoMachine is a professional, intuitive, and open software solution integrating Vijeo Designer. It also integrates the configuring and commissioning tool for motion control devices. It supports all the IEC 61131-3 languages, integrated fieldbus configurators, expert diagnostic and debugging functions, as well as multiple capabilities for maintenance and visualization including web visualization. SoMachine integrates tested, validated, documented, and supported expert application libraries dedicated to pumping, packaging, hoisting, and conveying applications. SoMachine is a single software environment with: b One software package b One project file b One connection b One download operation Visual graphic user interface Navigation within SoMachine is intuitive and highly visual. Presentation is optimized in such a way that selecting the development stage of the desired project makes the appropriate tools available. The user interface suggests the tasks to be performed throughout the project development cycle so that nothing is overlooked. The workspace has been streamlined, so only that which is necessary and relevant to the current task is featured, without any superfluous information. Learning center From the home menu, the learning center provides several tools to help you get started with SoMachine. An animated file explains the SoMachine interface and concept in brief. An e-learning section gives you the opportunity to teach yourself about SoMachine and its new features. A third section provides links to several documented examples of simple coding with SoMachine. Anintuitiveandicientonlinehelpisalsoavailabletoansweryourquestions.

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Altivar 32 variable speed drive Magelis STU Lexium 32 servo drives Modicon M241 Tablet + SoMachine

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