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USB accessories for HMI terminals

Magelis HMIZ

USB Keyboard




USB Keyboard Description Connection Compatible with Terminals (1) Reference Weight kg/ lb Magelis USB Keyboard composed of keys which can be used as user customizable Function keys or Alphanumeric input keys By USB cable HMIGTO HMIGXO HMISTU HMISTO HMISCU HMIZKB1 (2) 0.150/ 0.330 Spare parts Description Reference Weight kg/ lb Accessory kit for HMIZKB1 which includes: b 5 anti-rotation tees b 5 USB cable clamps to prevent disconnection (USB type mini-B, 1 port) HMIZKITKB1 Replaceable label for function keys (5 sheets) HMIZLYKB1 Wall mounting adaptor to mount HMIZKB1 on a wall (3) HMIZWMKB1 10 Installation nuts of 22 mm /0.866 in. for tightening ZB5AZ901 Tightening wrench to tighten and loosen installation nuts ZB5AZ905 (1) Compatible with Vijeo Designer HMI configuration software V6.2 or higher. (2) When HMIZKB1 USB Keyboard is ordered, all spare parts are included in the same package. (3) If USB keyboard is used with Wall mounting adaptor HMIZKB1, the UL conformity assured in USB keyboard will not apply.



PF140012A PF122304D

Anti-rotation tee USB clamp type mini-B HMIZWMKB1



PF140011B PF140009A


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