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6 Presentation (continued), description USB accessories for HMI terminals Harmony XVGU Multi-color USB tower lights Presentation (continued) Illuminated signaling The light source consists of three multi-color LEDs (red, orange, green or blue) completed with a clear lens to provide an aesthetic look and reliable signaling (clear lenses help to avoid color reflectance in bright environments). When LEDs are not powered, the tower lights appear translucent. The LED colors can be set to many possible combinations of red, orange, green, and blue. Audible signaling The tower light is supplied with a 2-tone buzzer audible signaling unit, the volume of which can be adjusted up to 85 dB. This audible unit with 4 pre-recorded alarm types is located in the base of the tower light. Cabling XVGU tower lights have pre-assembled USB cable with Type A female connector to attach to any standard USB mini B cable. A clamp is provided to prevent unintended removal or disconnection of the tower light from the Magelis HMIs. Description XVGU monolithic tower lights comprise an assembly of: 1. Three layers of multi-color illuminated signaling units (red, orange, green, or blue) which are set in the HMI application. Each XVGU tower light is equipped with mulit-color LEDs and a clear lens molded from a single piece of clear plastic. The colors are visible only when the LEDs are supplied with power (5 V c ). 2. A base unit integrating the buzzer. 3. A fixing base for mounting on a horizontal support: 3a a fixing base, comprising a 100 mm/ 3.94 in. aluminium support tube mounted on a fixing plate 3b a fixing base fitted with 3 screws for direct mounting 4. A USB cable with Type A female connector, the projecting length being 300 mm/ 11.81 in. for tube mounting and 400 mm/ 15.75 in. for direct mounting models (1) . (1) For extension, use either the Schneider Electric USB cable (BMXXCAUSBH018) or a third-party USB Type A/mini B cable of maximum length 4 m/13.12 ft. 1 2 3b 4 1 3a 4 2

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